Living in Japan!

So believe it or not, I am actually studying abroad in Japan right now! So that is partly to blame for my atrocious inactivity on this blog. I will be continuing to write somewhat decent blog posts from here on out, about various anime, manga, light novels, ancient literature, Japanese candy and fried chicken (which is absolutely to die for). So anything you might be interested in!

Also for those of you who may be interested in an awesome J-vlog, my girlfriend Taylor just recently started vlogging, and has a lot of good content about Japan, ranging from the Koto, the deer park in Nara,  Osaka Castle, and even things like the Language Barrier in Japan, if you don’t speak Japanese. So be sure to check out CuppOfTea for some dope J-vlogs. And if you have a channel let me know so I can totally check it out!

In the meantime, here are some pictures I have taken from my month and a half here already in Japan! Also lookout tomorrow/later today for a few posts about what anime are big in Japan right now, as well as a little bit of a history lesson sprinkled in there.

Osaka Castle
Inari Fushimi Shrine in Kyoto
Osu Kanon in Nagoya
The famous Tsurumai park, that has an area shaped like a Pokeball

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