First Attempts at 習字(しゅうじ) Shuji

Today I met up with my friend ありさ (Arisa) to learn how to do Shuji, a form of Shodo, or Japanese Calligraphy. I have never been super interested in calligraphy, since I was always pretty bad at art. However, after meeting Arisa a few weeks ago, she offered to teach me how to do Shuji. I figured working with someone who has around 10 years of experience would make it much easier for me. But I am just so skilled at being unskilled, that I made writing even the easiest kanji look difficult, as you will see below. (Though I will spare you the pictures of my more unsuccessful attempts)

My commemorative photo for the day, I chose 音楽(おんがく ongaku) which means music

So me preface these pictures off by saying I am no artist and my kanji repertoire is minimal, but I am actually pretty content with how some of my kanji turned out. Though they are nothing compared to Arisa’s, which she so gratefully let me keep.











(Left) Arisa’s 金(金 Kin), which means gold/money. (Right) One of my favorites 笑(わら wara) which means laugh. I chose this because Arisa was laghing at my Kanji.











(Left) My attempt at 一位(いちいichii) which means first place/number one. The irony here being that this was the worst kanji I made. (Right) One of the many attempts at 冬(ふゆfuyu) which means Winter.


Let me know what you think of my (not) beautiful calligraphy, and also any experiences you’ve had with it as well!



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