www.Working!! Episode 1 Review

“www.Working!!” is the new spin-off series of Working!!, the workplace comedy anime set in a restaurant. It aired its premier episode last Saturday, October 1st, and its second episode airs today, October 8th at 11:30JST on Tokyo MX and MBS Japanese TV channels.

“www.Working!!”‘s first episode starts in the exact way I hoped for: with a subtle cameo to its predecessor’s main protagonist Takanashi (or Katanashi if you are Popura) Sota. He walks by the new series protagonist, on his way to an interview at a different Wagnaria. This cameo already had me smiling, and hopeful for the new show. Though I will say you do not have to watch the  3 seasons of the other Working!! to be able to understand any of the events of this one, at least just based on the first episode. All of the characters are brand new, and there aren’t many jokes you will miss by not having seen it. So that is definitely a plus.

One of my main concerns going into this new series is that with all of the characters that existed in the original Working!! and even an anime by the same creator Servant x Service, I thought for sure there would be character tropes and gimmicks that would be recycled. However, much to my surprise, there were not! So that definitely crushed any negative suspicions I had with the new series.

The creator’s previous anime: Servant x Service (left) and Working!! (right)

One key difference I found with the start of this series, is that the main character Daisuke Higashida does not, at least not yet, posses any sort of odd quirk of his own. Unlike Takanashi’s obsession for little things. Though this may change as the series progresses.

Miyakoshi (left) and Higashida (right)

My favorite character so far, is the chief at this new Wagnaria, Hana Miyakoshi. She has the uncanny ability to switch from sweet little Ms. Employee of the month (to customers only), to a rough ready-to-punch-the-manager brute. However, I find this to be quite charming, especially during her Valentines Day chocolate scene. To top it all off, she is voiced by Haruka Tomatsu (Asuna from Sword Art Online probably her most notable role) who is one of my favorite voice actresses.

All in all, I would have to say I absolutely loved the first episode, and I am very much so looking forward to the second episode tonight! Workplace comedy anime like “www. Working!!” are among my favorites, and it is a show you should definitely be watching this Fall anime season.


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