www.Working!! Episode 2 Review

Before I start this review, I would like to say that I will be reviewing every episode of www. Working!!” to be released this season. It is the only new show I am watching this season, since I am way too backlogged with other shows I have on my “to watch” list. So expect a new episode review every week!

Okay! So this week’s episode debuted a new character! This is nothing out of the ordinary, if you have seen the previous Working!! seasons, where they introduce a few new characters as the season progresses. Now, I personally am always apprehensive of a new character being introduced, since it always seems to come after I think “Man, this is the perfect combination of characters, adding another would only ruin it!” Fortunately, I am always wrong, and I end up loving the new character.

Koki Saiki.PNG
Koki Saiki, Wagnaria’s newest edition.

This episodes new character was especially lovable for me, since I felt that I related to him. Aside from the fact that he is basically me in anime form, he also knows very little Japanese. Through an unfortunate turn of events, he gets hired on to be the next floor worker of Wagnaria.

The episode also delved into the backstory of a few of the other Wagnaria employees, which is another good quality that the Working!! series’ are able to pull off very well. They can seamlessly give every character fully fleshed out character development, all while keeping each character fresh, and fun. This week’s developments revealed one employee to be a mother, and also the painful-to-watch history between a debtor and the loaner.

This week we were also treated to the Ending Song for the first time., which I thought was very well done. I am always a sucker for an anime with good Opening and Closing songs, and Wagnaria!! songs are no exception. If you are someone who usually skips them, give this show’s songs a chance.

All in all it was another thoroughly enjoyable episode, and one certainly to leave you waiting for the next. See you next week for a review of episode 3, and let me know of your thoughts about this week’s episode!


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