New Review Series: Nagisa Oshima Films

Now that I have gotten back into the blogging spirit, I wanted to introduce a review series that would make it so I was kept on some sort of a regular posting schedule. However, I also wanted this to be something unique to my blog (or at least something I haven’t seen in other ani-blogs). So, I decided to choose non-anime movie reviews. And more specifically, Nagisa Oshima films. While it doesn’t necessarily fit into my blog’s main theme of anime, it does fit into Japanese culture as a whole.

Now for a little background as to why I am doing this, and who even is this guy?


Why: In my sophomore year of university I took a Japanese film class, that focused on Nagisa Oshima’s filmography in particular. At the time the class felt quite drab, due in part to the lecturer, but mainly due to the fact that history is naturally boring. However, there were quite a few films that I really enjoyed watching. I also felt that my understanding of Japanese culture improved greatly after learning about Oshima, since his films were very political in post-WWII Japan.

Who: Nagisa Oshima (the guy on the right of the featured image, next to the dashingly handsome David Bowie) was a film director, screenplay writer, and an overall auteur. So he basically played every off screen role he could in the film making process. He is responsible for many politically charged films responding to ANPO, many supernatural themed films, also for the infamous In the Realm of the Senses. His films are quite legendary, and should not be overlooked when studying the history of Japanese film and filmmakers.

If you are a David Bowie fan, check out Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

To kick off this review series, I figured it would only be fitting to make my first review of an Oshima film a review of his first feature length film A Town of Love and Hope or as Hulu calls it, A Street of Love and Hope. If you are interested in watching any of Oshima’s films (which I highly recommend) they can be found on Hulu’s Criterion Collection selection, or by searching ‘Nagisa Oshima’ on Hulu.

The review of A Town of Love and Hope will be out this Saturday, so be sure to check it out!


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