Ojisan to Marshmallow Review

Plot: Habahiro Hige is your average, slightly overweight office worker with an obsession for marshmallows. Iori Wakabayashi is Hige’s colleague, and also has the hots for Hige. Wakabayashi uses Hige’s lust for marshmallows to try to create a lust for herself in Hige. However, much to her dismay, Hige is completely clueless to her advances.

Marshmallows and anime! This alone should be reason enough for you to watch it! The first episodes even end with marshmallow cooking tips, for the chef in all of us!

Now this anime is sort of unorthodox, in that each of its 12 (13 if you add include the OVA) episodes are only about three and a half minutes long. So before you watch it, don’t expect fully fleshed out plot progression and character development. If you go into it just looking to have a good time, you will be very happy with what you get.

I honestly have nothing but praise for this silly show. I wasn’t really expecting much from Ojisan to Marshmallow because of its length, but each episode had my friends and I laughing out loud at every joke. In addition to its humor, the animation is actually surprisingly well done. Again, I counted this show out entirely due to the length of the episodes, and just assumed the animators would not have put much effort into the animation, but I was proven wrong. I personally think it is beautifully animated (take the ninja marshmallow battle scene for example), and the characters are voiced very well.

Pretty, right?

Also as a fun side note, Hige’s name in Japanese ひげ(hige) means mustache/beard, which is some clever wordplay on the writer’s part. Especially since Hige has one nice hige.

Hige’s hige.

One of my two favorite things about this show is its protagonist Hige. He is a fairly unique character, compared to others I have seen. For example, he doesn’t have the perfect, slim and in shape, handsome looks that many male protagonists have. He is a slightly overweight, almost Paul Blart Mall Cop-esque man, who looks like his favorite food.

My second favorite thing is kind of a small detail, but still made an impact on me. The different type of marshmallows introduced in the show. For some reason, I totally understood Hige’s desire to collect the marshmallows, and found myself wanting to go to the grocery store and pick some up for myself.

To conclude, I would say that if you have about 45 minutes to spare, Ojisan to Marshmallow is the perfect show for you. Between its lovable characters and its pretty animation, it is a show you are sure to like. Unless you hate marshmallows.

My Score: 5 marshmallows / 5



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