www.Working!! Episode 3 Review

Three episodes down! This week’s episode introduced two more new characters. However, they are not Wagnaria employees, but rather Daisuke’s classmates from school Miri Yanagiba and Rui Nagata.

Miri Yanagiba was the first to be introduced this episode. She was originally mistaken as a ghost by Daisuke, since she was identified by the seer of the paranormal Wagnaria employee, and also due to the fact she wears a scarf in the summer. However, it turns out she is actually a student at the same school as Daisuke, but he didn’t recognize her because she gets ill very easily, so found it more practical to just not attend school.

Ghost scarf girl Yanagiba.

Rui Nagata was the second new character, and is also Daisuke’s classmate. She seems to have a crush on Daisuke, which is why she agrees to help him, and try to be friends with Yanagiba. Nagata seemed like a pretty plain Jane to me, but the misunderstandings that she gets into with Daisku and Hana are pretty fun to watch. Especially about Conbini, Daisuke’s new raccoon pet.

Conbini the raccoon bringing out Hana’s love for animals.

Fun fact! While watching this episode I noticed something interesting about Rui Nagata’s voice actor, that was a pretty neat coincidence. She is voiced by Ari Ozawa, who also voiced Sakura Chiyo in Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. While that may seem like a random factoid, www. Working!!‘s main character Daisuke Hagashida is voiced by Yuichi Nakamura, who also voiced Umetaro Nozaki. Chiyo has an crush on Nozaki in their respective show, just as Nagata has a crush on Higashida in www. Working!!. This was just so cool to me, since I am big following certain voice actors, and this show definitely has a lot of my favorite actors and actresses.

The new Nozaki and Sakura

This episode was also unique for a Working!! series episode, in that most of it took place outside work. The group went on the typical anime trope “test of courage.” This was a sort of breath of fresh air, I think, in that it was just something very different from the past iterations of Working!!, and was very good at getting more development out of the side characters. Though I do wish more of the episode had taken place at the restaurant.

What is a slice of life anime without a good Test of Courage?

To cap things off, I really enjoyed this week’s “test of courage” episode, and I am looking forward to a return to the restaurant atmosphere in episode four next week!


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