Nagoya Matsuri and other Fun Stuff!

Nagoya Matsuri was this past weekend, and let me tell you it was a blast! My girlfriend also came to Nagoya from her university in the Kansai area, so that is my excuse for being lazy with posts the past couple of days.

Nagoya Matsuri (名古屋まつり) is a festival once a year in various parts of what I would call “downtown” Nagoya. The main events consist of an hour long parade with various floats and performances ranging from, Tokyo Disney Sea, Nana-chan (ナナちゃん is Nagoya’s famous mannequin at Nagoya Station), and bands from local schools. The main event of the parade is “The Procession of the Three Feudal Lords” which celebrates the three heroes of Nagoya: Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Tokugawa Ieyasu. The procession also had many people dressed in traditional garb, as well as incredibly well decorated floats, carrying people playing taiko drums. It was quite a sight.

A Disney Sea Float

One of my favorite parts of the festival was all the food, arts and crafts, and game stalls set up around Nagoya’s equivalent to New York City’s Central Park. I would say there were easily over 100 set up, selling foods like たこやき (takoyaki fried octopus balls), lots of fried chicken, a taco-esque Nagoya delicacy whose name I forgot, crepes, and lots of “American-style” fried potatoes on a stick. There was also my all time favorite Matsuri game, and one you may know from anime, where you catch a fish on a small piece of rice paper. I had always seen that game, and wanted to play it when I went to Japan.

A yummy crepe from a food stand

After the festival my friends and I all went to ride the Ferris Wheel in Sakae (the main shopping district of Nagoya) called the “Sky Boat.” It was actually way cheaper than I thought, being only 500 yen (about $5USD) per person. That might still sound like a lot, but it is cheaper than other ones I have been on. The ride also was doing a promotion with Nagoya’s version of AKB48 called SKE48, so you got a complimentary SKE48 bookmark, and could listen to there music on the Ferris Wheel. I highly recommend the Sky Boat, as it is pretty cheap, certainly a popular attraction in Nagoya, and the sights from the very top are quite breathtaking at any time of day.

This weekend was super fun. 10/10 would do again. To anyone who is currently in, or planning on going to Japan, I highly recommend the festivals. Also if you are in Nagoya, drop by Sakae for some shopping and to ride the Ferris Wheel. I promise it won’t disappoint.

You can also check out Vlogs of these adventures and more at my girlfriend’s YouTube channel CuppOfTea.

P.S. I just love the featured photo for this post, because of the cute little girl in the corner. I saw her while we were taking the picture, but I didn’t notice her adorable expression. She doesn’t know it, but she is the star of that picture!


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