B Gata H Kei Review

Plot: Yamada, finally now a “mature” freshman in high school, sets out to start the year right: by sleeping with 100 guys! However, Yamada isn’t as experienced as she makes herself out to be, and has trouble even seducing her potential love interest and “cherry boy” Takashi Kosuda.

Also called Yamada’s First Time as its English release name, this anime is not as raunchy as the plot makes it seem. It is actually a pretty lighthearted rom-com, which is the perfect show for me. I decided to review it because it seems like a show that is often overlooked, and not well known. Especially now with it already being six years old.

I first watched this show about two and a half years ago, but I enjoyed it so much that it stuck with me, and I even re-watched it just recently. However I have only ever actually seen the dub, which was surprisingly decent. I am not a dub hater by any means, but some dubs just don’t do a show justice. With that said, I felt that Yamada’s dub voice actress did a fantastic job emulating Yamada’s spunk and hubris.

The music in B Gata H Kei is also perfect for the show. If you read my last post titled “Top 10 Original Anime Opening Songs” you will see that #8 was the opening for B Gata H Kei, and rightfully so. The ending song is great as well, and I don’t think either should be skipped when watching this show.


To simply say this show is funny would not do it justice. B Gata H Kei finds the perfect combination of adult promiscuity and childlike innocence to create hilarious zingers left and right. I am always a fan of the reoccurring “Eros Deities” who appear, and represent each character’s libido. Yamada’s in particular is my favorite, with her cute little mustache, and her desire to get Yamada laid.


I will say that this show, the dub in particular, does cross some potential NSFW boundaries here and there with its dialogue, so do be careful if these kinds of jokes bother you. Frequent “emo” references, and blatant lewd remarks from the males (and Yamada) in the show may make some people uncomfortable, so again, do be careful. There is also a lot of fan service-y type situations, however I will say I didn’t find it to be too much, though maybe a little unnecessary at times.

This subtle joke is one I missed the first time around.

To conclude, I would give this show a solid 8/10. I think it deserves a lot more recognition than it gets nowadays, and is certainly one I will be re-watching again in the future. You can watch Yamada’s First Time on Funimation’s website.

*Warning: Spoilers Ahead*

One of my favorite parts of B Gata H Kei is watching Yamada’s character develop throughout the show. She starts with the “simple” goal to sleep with as many men as possible, but then accidentally falls in love with the most plain Jane Kosuda. Her coming to terms with her feelings, and actually starting something that can be called a relationship with Kosuda is plot development and progression you don’t usually see from a short, 12 episode anime.

The anime does end in a “read the manga” fashion, so it can be frustrating for those who want a decisive ending. Though I will say the show at least manages to make leaps and bounds in progress from start to finish, compared to most other 12 episode anime that don’t finish any further than from where they started. I have also heard the manga is even more risque than the anime, so if that is something you enjoyed then be sure to check it out.


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