www.Working!! Episode 4 Review

Four episodes down and the gang now moves into Autumn, catching up with our real world season. As a change of pace, no new characters were introduced, unless you count Hana’s mother who made a momentary appearance in a previous episode.

Not even Hana’s mother will eat her chocolate.

Though no new characters introduced, this week’s episode is definitely my favorite so far! It was full of hilarious zingers and one-liners left and right, specifically from our MC Daisuke Higashida. Be it insulting Miyakoshi on her cooking, Miyakoshi’s mother for saying there are 31 days in November, or arguing with Saint Valentine himself and calling him a “typical bureaucrat.” But let’s not forget my favorite character Saiki’s poor Japanese word choice at the start of the episode, where tells Yuta Shindo to “please die tomorrow” instead of “believe in tomorrow.”


This jokes had me laughing moronically at every one of them, but I think my favorite scene this episode goes to the one where Higashida and Miyakoshi go to a shrine together, to pray for her to get better at cooking. Higashida at first assumes she wants to pray to get smarter, and lets loose this savage line:


However, after she says her intention is to pray for her cooking, he quickly goes to the shrine with her. He suggests that only the largest monetary donation can help her cooking, and proceeds to dump all the money in his wallet into the offering box. This could not have been anymore of a nice, yet mean gesture all at the same time. I love it.

He donated at least 3000 yen for her!

This episode has been my favorite so far, all thanks to Daisuke Higashida’s no holds barred attitude about telling it like it is! 10/10 jokes in this one. I honestly cannot wait until next week, for episode 5!


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