Space Dandy Review

Plot: Space Dandy is a “dandy” guy, in space. Rare alien hunting, booty chasing, and pompadour styling Dandy is joined by Mew (a catlike alien) and QT (cleaning robot) on a quest to catch and register the rarest aliens in the galaxy.

Space Dandy is the most recent show finished on my “Unfinished Anime” list, and one I wish I would have finished sooner. Originally airing on Toonami, even before its Japanese dubbed counterpart, Space Dandy is one of the few English dubs I would highly recommend over the sub. Dandy just has the perfect amount of spunk and charisma that I feel was best portrayed by his voice actor, Ian Sinclair. I also really enjoy the many guest star voice actors in the dub, which include two of my favorite voice actors: Bryce Papenbrook  and Johnny Yong Bosch.


Space Dandy, at its core, is a Cowboy Bebop parody. Which is made even funnier considering they are both directed by Shinichiro Watanabe. So it is like Watanabe is spoofing his own show. The numerous parallels that can be made from Space Dandy and Cowboy Bebop are too may to count, but I’ll point out  the most obvious one; the protagonists. Dandy is basically a pomp sporting version Spike Spiegel, with them both being bounty hunters, suave as can be, and even share the same agitated walk. Both also have a lust for woolongs, the currency in both Cowboy Bebop and Space Dandy.  I could honestly go on all day with the similarities, but I think I will save that for its own post sometime in the future. As a bonus, my father (who doesn’t watch anime but accidentally watch an episode of Space Dandy) pointed out that Dandy is basically the anime Johnny Bravo. To which I have to agree with.

I think the most appealing quality to Space Dandy is its many themes and styles that vary from episode to episode. For example, one episode has little dialogue and deals with a planet with overgrown plant life, using a lot of melancholic green colors (Plants Are Living Things, Too, Baby). Then there is my favorite episode from the second season (Lovers Are Trendy, Baby) that is the perfect, sad love story. The ability to switch genres and styles so seamlessly makes Space Dandy a fun show to watch, since you can never expect what is coming in the next episode. There is even a musical episode! Now that is versatility.

Even a Law and Order-esque episode


If you have read any of my other reviews, you may have noticed that one of my favorite qualities to look for in an anime is the music. Not only does Space Dandy‘s opening song knock my socks off, but lately I have been obsessed with one of the BG tracks titled “Dandy in Love.” The OST for this show just goes so well with the story. It is a musical masterpiece, in my humble opinion.

The songs from the musical were also hilariously amazing

If you are lazy like me, and don’t have the patience to watch all 26 episodes of Space Dandy, I can at least recommend six that I think are the best/most important to get a good watching experience. 1, 5, 13, 23,25 and 26. Those are my personal favorites, and also include the introduction and conclusion to the show.


It is incredibly hard to give this show just one rating, since I feel it deserves a per episode rating, as opposed to one rating for the whole shebang. Especially since some episodes to me are 5/10s, and others are perfect 10/10s. But if I was forced to give it a rating, I would give it an 8/10.

That concludes this, rather simple, review of Space Dandy. If you enjoyed this, then look forward to posts coming in the near future, where I will make list all the parallels I noticed between Space Dandy and its space opera predecessor Cowboy Bebop, as well as list and fanboy over some of my favorite absolute Space Dandy episodes.


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