www.Working!! Episode 5 Review

8,764+1,000 Yen (about 95 USD and 120AUD!) confirmed. This is the monetary offering Higashida made for Miyakoshi to get better at cooking. I referenced it in last weeks review, but I didn’t realize it was that much!


This week’s episode was a lot more tame than the previous ones, making it a calm change of pace. Not much of an MC presence in this one, with Higashida being the star of maybe a scene or two. A lot more focus on the other employees of Wagnaria, which was nice to see. My favorite non-Japanese speaker Saiki made many appearances this time around, which was fun to see.

The manager of this Wagnaria also got a fun backstory fleshed out. He was one of the few without too many weird quirks. However, that was short-lived, because now we see he was actually quite the hoodlum in high school, who for some reason fought with his cat on his head at all times.

His cat is almost resembles the Palmtop Tiger!

There was another mother introduced, this time being Muranushi’s mother. She seems to be an exorcist, and claims all of the men at Wagnaria are possessed by all of the women. She is also apparently a modern-day doomsayer, ending the episode with this legendary quote:


With five episodes down, I think we are almost near the halfway point! I am really happy with how the show has turned out so far. See you next week for episode six!


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