www.Working!! Episode 6 Review

Episode 6 is here, leaving us about halfway through the show! Another episode down, and lots of laughs and relationship issues brought up this time. Also we got to see a Wagnaria staff ranking/caste system-esque chart from Kamakura’s point of view.

Wagnaria Status Ranking.PNG
Not seen are Kamakura at the top and Shindo at the very bottom, below everyone else.

The first relationship issue was between Kamakura and Shindo. As with their antics before, Kamakura tormented Shindo about his debt. This time, and the cruelest thus far, she bought lots of losing lottery tickets and gave them to Shindo on the premise that there may actually be a winner among the losers.


This causes Shindo to search frantically for a winner. Fortunately for him he wins 300 yen ($3 USD) with the help of Saiki!

Saiki Yelped.PNG
Saiki’s bad Japanese on display.


Next on the relationship problems list Muranushi and Adachi. Muranushi makes chocolate for Adachi, but he is so scared of her that he passes out. She also does her patented Muranushi smile again this episode, so prepare yourself.

Last but not least on relationship issues are our MC Higashida and his potential love interest Miyakoshi. She makes him more Valentine’s day chocolate, much to his dismay, and makes him eat it. Unfortunately for him he passes out again, and has his third encounter with Saint Valentine.

If this season has 12 episodes, we are at the halfway point, so that is exciting! If it has 13 then we will be past halfway next week, so either way very close. Stay tuned next week, for what looks to be more saucy romance drama and fun workplace comedy!


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