Servant x Service Review

Plot: Yamagami (rest omitted) Lucy starts a job at a civil servant office to find out who approved her ridiculously long name, and get revenge. Joined by her other equally strange co-workers, they somehow make a boring and normal job seem interesting and incredibly weird.

Servant x Service is a sort of unorthodox slice of life anime, in that it doesn’t take place in a high school, nor does it follow children. The main characters are all adults (at least by age) and have real people jobs. It is also a workplace comedy, one of my favorite genres, and most comparable to the anime Working!!, since they were both created by Karino Takatsu. As such, there are many similarities in the character archetypes and the humor as a whole.


Servant x Service‘s greatest quality in my opinion is its comedy. There is never an episode that goes by where I don’t giggle like an idiot at the silly jokes made; be it a joke at the expense of Lucy about her name, Hasabe (the office slacker) finding more creative ways to slack off, or the boss of the whole place being a shy man using a remote-controlled stuffed rabbit!

Hasabe Caught slacking off.PNG
Hasabe caught slacking off.

My favorite character interactions are between our MC, Ms. Longname Lucy, and Hasabe the slacker. Hasabe is quite the lady-killer, but Lucy is quick to shoot him down time and time again. They are quite the fun couple to watch, even if they aren’t actually a couple. Watching him also sort of “scam” her into dates by offering to take her out all the time so she can save money on books is pretty funny. The sacrifices she makes for books is also an interesting one, as seen below where she eats plain pasta in order to buy numerous books that had come out that day.


Another slight bit of extra bonus humor, is the “Servant Quiz” at the end of each episode. At first I the questions start off as easy, and then quickly plunge into ridiculous or otherwise unanswerable questions, and refer you to their website for answers which hilariously does not have the answers. The one below is an example of a question they tried to set up as difficult, then lets you down by its astoundingly easy difficulty.


I wonder what the difference was????

As someone who likes music in anime, I can’t help but mention the awesome soundtrack to SxS. The BG music fits each scene perfectly, and I can’t help but want it as my theme song if I ever have a cubicle office job like these beloved civil servants. The OP is one that magically sets the tone for the overall craziness of the show as well as the characters. However it unfortunately did not make my “Top 10 OP list.” However, the ED made my “Top 10 ED list.” And with good reason. It is actually done three separate times, each time by a different lead female character, and in a different key with different accompanying instruments. Meaning a different experience each time you listen to the ending. It is also a lullaby of sorts, and my go to song to listen to if I can’t sleep.

If there is anything I have a problem with, it is probably that this show is just too short. I found myself wanting more after finishing it, and more is highly unlikely at this point. The ending leaves a lot to be desired and is your typical “read the manga” style ending. While not inherently a bad type of ending, it can be the type of ending that frustrates people who cannot live without closure.

I finished Servant x Service a very long time ago (two and a half years ago, but I am only 20 so it feels like forever ago), and still re-watch it on occasion to this day. So I hope that speaks on how much I truly enjoy this show. As such, I feel like it deserves an 8.5/10. I’d say if you aren’t an anime or slice of life fan, but like The Office, this is probably the closest thing to an anime equivalent you can find. At least for now. So give it a shot if you haven’t seen it already!


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  1. One of the great things about Anime is that there are literally thousands of different shows out there, and that there always new ones that you have never heard of lol. This one seems like an enjoyable one. Thanks for sharing, great post 😀

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