www.Working!! Episode 7 Review

Episode 7 is here, and focused mainly on two issues this time around (which is rather unorthodox, since usually the episodes spend about 4-5 minutes per topic covering about 4 per episode). These issues were the quarrel between Shiho Kamakura (the money-lender) and Yuta Shindo (the debtor), and another Higashida Miyakoshi chocolate eating fiasco. However I would argue this is the best one yet, with a surprising turn of events taking place.

First off, let me say I the story between Shiho and Yuta is probably my least favorite in the show, so I didn’t really like it getting as much screen time as it did. With that being said, this episode did manage to sway me over, and start to like their story arc. They did this through a somewhat unrealistic, but heartwarming nevertheless, turn of events. Yuta (the person in debt) received a winning lottery ticket from a Wagnaria’s favorite baby mascot, and it happened to be worth 300 million yen. Enough to more than pay back his debt to Shiho.


However, since this is anime he obviously cannot just pay off his debt like that, and end his troubles here. While looking over his potential winnings, Shiho overhears and even starts crying, thus upsetting Yuta and causing him to throw away his fortune and continue his life of debt. This loving gesture seems to further their relationship, and it is proven by Shiho giving him cat food instead of dog food to eat for lunch. A clear upgrade and improvement (sarcasm)!

In between these two-story arcs were a few appearances from my main man Saiki (the not Japanese speaking Wagnaria employee). I thought the gag of his misunderstandings and mistranslations would get old, but boy was I proven wrong. My favorite from this episode, which I can personally relate to, comes from when Miyakoshi tries to speak English to Saiki and introduce herself. However he quickly spits straight hot fire English at her, and it becomes too much for her to handle. Those are my feelings exactly, when I strike up a Japanese conversation and get quickly overwhelmed.

Miyakoshi and Saiki English Conversation.PNG

Ridiculous story arcs aside and English conversations aside, the second half of this episode was definitely my favorite part of the show so far. Miyakoshi, once again, decides to make chocolate and make Higashida eat it. However, he is no fool and quickly turns her down. This causes a completely unexpected turn of events. She. Eats. Her. Own. Chocolate. Shen then gets to spend some of her own time in her sub-conscious and meet Saint Valentine himself.

However she doesn’t wake up right away! So Higashida realizes there is only one thing to do: eat the chocolate and go in after her!

Higashida and Miyakoshi together in Chocolate Land.PNG

With both of the idiots inside this strange world, I could not help but bust a gut laughing. This turn of events was so unexpected that I was just dead. My favorite scene of the show so far.

Every time I think this show’s tropes are going to get old or boring, they always manage to surprise me. Even the stories I didn’t like have started to grow on me. This episode is probably my favorite so far (though I find myself saying that after nearly every episode). I think the next thing we need now is for my favorite Saiki to get his own character development. That would truly be something.

Saiki misinterpretation.PNG

See you next week for episode 8!



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