www.Working!! Episode 8 Review

There was more progress made than I would have thought this episode. With our two MCs (Higashida and Miyakoshi) becoming an item, even if it is only to improve Miyakoshi’s cooking. This made for some fun jokes and story progress. Who knows? Maybe this not-in-love couple will become the real deal? One can only hope.

Arcade Date.PNG
I love arcade dates!

This episode featured scenes in a game center which is pretty neat if you want to see into what Japanese arcades are like. As it showed in the episode, they are mostly UFO catchers and rhythm games.

True words of wisdom.PNG
True words of wisdom.

This episode was probably one of the most normal for me, in regards to my enjoyment. I got some good laughs from jokes here and there, but it didn’t wow me like the past few have. But that is only natural. You can’t expect every episode to be a knee-slapper now can you? With that being said, I did thoroughly enjoy the developing relationship between Higashida and Miyakoshi. As someone who loves the romance in the Working!! series’, I totally ship them. The way they called each other “darling” also reminded me of a certain fake couple that I love so much.

A pretty solid episode. Not too amazing not too boring. It did a good job of keeping the ball rolling I thought, and also included an appearance of my boy Saiki, so that made me happy. I am looking forward to next week’s episode, which should mark the 3/4 point in the show. See you next week!


3 thoughts on “www.Working!! Episode 8 Review

  1. The show pretty much is funny. but the thing in this anime is.. They spent three valentines(basically 3 years passed), but still they didn’t graduate from high school? How hard is their school?

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