www.Working!! Episode 9 Review

Episode 9 is here, and it has a much more supernatural theme than I have seen from past Working!! seasons. Is also a new Wagnaria couple this episode?? Also an entire scene in English! What could go wrong with that?

Adachi holding Muranushi.PNG

The episode opens with Wagnaria being plagued and haunted by the ghost only Muranushi can see. However she herself has been possessed (by a 40C fever), all because of the cook Adachi. As much as I don’t particularly care for their story and romance, I did rather enjoy this element of fantasy, as it is certainly different from any other Working!! or Servant x Service story line you’ll see.  So it is kind of an interesting change of pace from the typical workplace slice-of-life that it has been.

Even Muranushi’s little brother is cursed.

The second half of the episode bounces around a lot, with scenes varying  from Yanagiba also falling ill, to an all English exchange between Saiki and Kisaki that features some very not-so-good English accents. Especially for characters who are supposed to be able to be fluent in English. Though I will say I appreciated the effort put into it, I think it needs a lot of improvement.


I don’t really have too much to say about this episode. It wasn’t bad, but rather it was pretty underwhelming to me. Though as I said last week, not every episode can be a home-run. This one had some jokes land,  but a lot of them didn’t in my opinion.




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