www.Working!! Episode 10 Review

Ten episodes down, and only two more (I think) to go. The season is certainly coming to an interesting conclusion, having recently just moved everyone’s stories forward at an alarmingly quick rate. Though that isn’t a bad thing, especially if you are enjoying the progress so far.

This episode focused mainly on Shindou and Kamakura, with hardly any appearances from the other main characters. While I have said it before, they story arc is not one of my favorites. But it has been growing on me in the past few episodes, and this one may have changed my opinion on their story as a whole.

I wonder if Shindou has a death wish.PNG
The featured quote of this episode.

I think after the events of this episode, I can’t help but think that their story is going to end in a fun and interesting way. Shindou decides to finally put his foot down, with a little coercing from Kamakura’s bodyguards, and start standing up to Kamakura. This actually works, and leads to what could have been a world ending sequence of events.

Shindou and Kamakura kiss.PNG
I also cannot help but notice how much Shindou looked like Hasabe from Servant x Service in this episode.

I don’t have too much to say about this episode, but I have enjoyed it a lot more than the past few episodes. Not saying they were bad, just saying this was better to me. Which is surprising considering it didn’t have any of my favorite characters in it.



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