www.Working!! Episode 11 Review

Time to get back at this and finish up reviewing the last three episodes of this show! Especially since I had been enjoying it so much before I took a break from writing.

Anyways, this episode was actually somewhat of a breath of fresh air from past episodes, as it particularly focused on one main story, as opposed to numerous plot-lines coexisting in the same episode. While that is perfectly fine, it does make it hard for the story to feel like it is progressing along.

Chibi group

This episode’s focal point was with our MC Higashida’s relationship with Miyakoshi. Things take a quick turn, as unforeseen events cause Miyakoshi to spend the night at Higashida’s place. However, after quickly explaining her nonsensical reasoning for staying the night, she decides to visit St. Valentine the only way she knows how: eating her own, presumably anthrax laced, chocolate!

miyakoshi dying to go to the conbini

Higashida chases after her into no-man’s land, and eats leftover chocolates that he had from a previous time Miyakoshi had given him chocolate. However, he lies and says he ate the chocolate that was leftover in her mouth, so as to spare her feelings about not eating all of the chocolate he had given him previously (for some reason). This sparks the good old “indirect kiss” trope between the two, as well as leading to one misunderstanding after another about the supposed kiss.

Higashida and Miyakoshi in dressing room

All in all, I’d say this was an average episode. Not my favorite, not my least favorite. As usual, this episode had some good zingers, my favorite being the fact that Miyakoshi wanted to compensate Higashida for “stealing his first kiss” by giving him her bankbook, which is essentially giving him her entire bank account, and all of the money with it.

Miyakoshis bank book

While I enjoyed the lack of presence with some of the side characters, it means that in the next episode they will probably have more screen time. So I’m not so excited about that.

I’ll be posting my review of episode 12 and 13, as well as a reveiw of the series all together within the next few days, so please look forward to that. Thanks for reading!


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