www.Working!! Episode 12 Review

The second to last episode of  http://www.Working!! definitely did not disappoint. The show has decided to resolve all of the side character’s problems that had been building up, and managed to do so all in one episode. I honestly wasn’t expecting this short, 13-episode show to do that, since the original Working!! series takes 3 seasons to do so.

Anyways, the points of focus in this episode were Adachi and Muranushi’s relationship, and Yuta and Shiho’s (eventual) relationship.

adachi and muranushi traps

Adachi is invited over to Muranushi’s house for a conversation that each of them think is about them breaking up. However, it is all one big misunderstanding, and they are able to admit that they want to continue being in a relationship. But that isn’t all! They end their drama scene with a particularly special and surprising exchange.

adachi and muranushi kiss

After this, the show immediately changes gears into Yuta and Shiho’s debter/collector relationship. Yuta’s dad actually gets caught by Shiho’s people, compromising their entire relationship. This sparks Shiho to actually confess her obvious feelings for Yuta, and he not surprisingly reciprocates.

Yuta and Shiho kiss

Considering those two were probably my least favorite characters, I was actually surprised I enjoyed the direction their relationship headed. I didn’t think anything would change between them, and that Shiho would continue punishing Yuta until the end of time. But I am glad I was wrong.

is this restaurant okay

One thing I was not wrong about, was that this episode would almost exclusively be about the “side” characters. So it hardly featured any Miyakoshi and Higashida relationship progress. But Higashida did have some classy zingers about the status of Wagnaria, so that was fun.

this restaurant may be beyond saving

I also appreciated the reference to Yamada from the original Working!! series, unknowingly made by Higashida here:

yamada reference wwwworking

That’s it for this episode, and I am definitely looking forward to the series finale, and hopefully a nice conclusion to Miyakoshi and Higashida’s relationship!


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