Spelunker Sensei Review

Plot: Based on the infamously difficult 1980’s video game SpelunkerSpelunker Sensei is a 30-minute OVA. It is about Spelunker-sensei’s day to day life, and the struggles he faces being someone who dies by anything; from falling from small heights, to rubbing his eyes too hard.

First, I’d like to thank Plain Pasta and Plain Rice for introducing me to this anime, and you can read their awesome review of Spelunker Sensei here!

enter the spelunker sensei

The first thing that caught my attention was the not-so-great animation style. To be honest, I think The Flinstones had better animation than this, and there is about a 50 year difference between the two shows. But in all fairness, the poor animation doesn’t take away too much from the show. I do understand that the main appeal of Spelunker Sensei is meant to be the comedy and not visuals, like some shows. So I’ll give it a pass there.

spelunker sensei cover image

The show itself is also based off of a 4-koma manga, and that shows with its very short, Daily Lives of High School Boys-esque segments. However, Spelunker Sensei doesn’t quite hit the mark for me. While dry humor is something I am really fond of, the jokes just weren’t my cup of tea. There were also some segments that didn’t really even have a joke, which was kind of interesting. They just existed as time fillers, it seemed. While I caught myself chuckling here and there, I was more-often-than-not waiting for the end of the show.

There was also a live-action looking segment, that felt incredibly out of place. It also seemed like it didn’t really serve any sort of purpose. I usually enjoy those kinds of random changes in media, like when Spongebob goes out of the water and turns into an actual sponge on a pole. But this was just odd.

live action scene spelunker sensei
The creepy live-action scene.

The music of the show was probably the only part I actually enjoyed in the show. The opening song was alright, but might have been better if it was not in English. It is difficult for non-native speakers to sing in English with a meter that doesn’t sound strange. And this song was no exception, but it wasn’t bad. The ending song, however, was much better. I surprisingly enjoyed it a lot. The cutesy lyrics and the throwback 8-bit animation was actually an enjoyable break from the rest of the mediocre OVA.

8bit spelunker sensei

As the OVA is only 30 minutes long, there isn’t much more that can be said. If you like dry humor, the video game Spelunker, and have 30 minutes to kill, this may be an alright OVA for you. But otherwise, I’d pass on this one.

I didn’t like it, but I’ll give it a 4/10 since it did make me laugh once or twice.


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