www.Working!! Episode 13 Review

I finally made it to the last episode of http://www.Working!! and boy was it a long time coming.

To start, I would say I am really impressed with how they were able to resolve all of the problems brought up in the show, and do so in a timely and reasonable manner. They also did so in a way that makes it so they could do another season if they wanted to, but it doesn’t need to be done. Which is the best way to end a show, I think.

Miyakoshis cooking chaos aura

I also wasn’t expecting it to end so completely, since the original Working!! took 3 seasons, as I may have already mentioned. Anyways! I’d like to get into my thoughts of the episode.

It opens with Higashida and Miyakoshi bidding farewell to Saint Valentine, but doing so without eating the poisonous chocolate. At this time Miyakoshi also starts to realize her feelings for Higashida.

wagnaria 6 months later

Flash forward six months, and we get to see how the Wagnaria employees are dealing with life. Which is exciting because we get a bit more screen time of my favorite character, Saiki!

koki saiki conclusion

The show also takes this brief time to show how the relationships between Yuta and Shiho, and Adachi and Muranushi have progressed. The former relationship is going strong, with Yuta having quit his Wagnaria job to work for more money in construction. The latter relationship shows big change, with Adachi announcing his resignation from Wagnaria, to work at his family’s sushi shop. However, he also proposes that Muranushi live and work with him in the near future, so that they can continue to see each other often.

Yuta Construction Job

Adachi quitting his job

Now to conclude the main character’s relationship! Higashida decides to break up with Miyakoshi! However, he does it in a sort of symbolic way. He breaks up with her, thus ending their previous relationship based solely on improving Miyakoshi’s cooking, and then re-asks her out, so as to be a normal couple. Cheesy as it may sound, I felt it was a fitting way to bring their relationship into a more “normal” definition of the word.

Miyakoshi with long hair

Oh, and Miyakoshi grows out her hair!

Overall, I definitely loved this series! It has been a blast to watch, with my only regret being I didn’t continue to watch it as it aired. I’ll probably do a full series review sometime in the future. But it shouldn’t be too long, since you can probably guess how I felt about the show from these episode reviews.

Anyways, thanks for reading my first go at an episode-by-episode series review! It has been a great time watching each episode, and jotting down my thoughts on them.


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