Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun Episode 2 Review

Two episodes in and I think I can safely say I am very happy with Aoyama-kun! This episode was more about Aoyama’s stalker Moka Gotou, and her history with Aoyama, as well as a hilarious half-episode story about Aoyama’s “magic” towel.

Aoyama in elementary school
Aoyama-kun in elementary school.

At the start of the episode, we get more narration from Aoyama’s borderline stalker, whose name is finally revealed, Moka Gotou. It is revealed that they met in elementary school, where Aoyama was attempting to play with a cat. However, he wouldn’t touch it because, well… quite frankly because he’s an idiot. But more to the point, because he is a clean freak. So to combat this, Moka makes him a cat stuffed animal, so he could play with the animal he likes without fear of germs.

that cat has a weird face

This part of the episode was alright, but more importantly, it moved the story along into bringing Moka onto the team as their assistant/manager and closer to Aoyama-kun.

Aoyamas magic towel

Later in the episode, one of Aoyama’s teammates gets a whiff of Aoyama’s towels, and described it as giving off a “sweet, elegant aroma!! Outrageous.” He even went as far as to tweet about it, getting all of his other teammates and nearly everyone else in school curious about the magic towel.

megane shinshi z twitter

This little arc made me laugh a lot more than I was ready for, which was pleasantly surprising. My favorite part has to be when Aoyama is fleeing the numerous pursuers trying to steal his towel, and unnecessarily starts dribbling a soccer ball in the process.

and for some unknown reason hes also dribbling
I nearly lost it at this scene.

I think I liked this episode so much, because it has almost zero actual soccer and instead is mostly comedy/fleshing out characters’ backgrounds. I feel like I would get bored very quickly of a show that is 100% sports. Which at this point, I highly doubt it will be. Anyways, I’m really happy with how the comedy and sports have been divided up in the show, and how they also aren’t mutually exclusive. If you haven’t watched an episode yet because you were unsure as to how it would be, I think you should definitely give it a go!



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