Aho Girl Episode 3 Review

No surprises or new characters in this episode (unless you count the farmer who grows the bananas). Though this wasn’t a bad thing, as this has probably been my favorite episode of the series so far. That might not sound like it means much, but the first two episodes were lacking in the comedy department for me.

favorite banana stand aho girl
It’s the simple pleasures in life, isn’t it?

In addition to the comedy, this episode has probably one of the best quotes/dialogue exchanges so far this anime season.

I dont think im ready for relationships aho girlSluttiest line in the book

I can already see the latter image being used in numerous memes in the future. Which I am definitely looking forward to!

a-kuns grades
What’s an episode of Aho Girl if there aren’t grades being shown? This time they’re A-kun’s grades.
a-kun with the killer uppercut aho girl
It’s also not Aho GIrl  if there aren’t any brutal uppercuts delivered to Yoshiko via A-kun.

While this episode doesn’t have much to discuss in terms of plot progression or anything of that sort, the comedy is what makes it worth watching. And maybe even so you can understand the source and context of future memes? One can only hope.

yoshikos maternal instincts

The episode closes on a pretty hilarious scene depicting Yoshiko trying to cheer up A-kun by “doing what my mom does to cheer up my dad at night.” It also gives us the gem of a picture above.

If episode 4 is like episode 3, then maybe I’ll start liking this show more. So this was definitely a step in the right direction, in my opinion.


8 thoughts on “Aho Girl Episode 3 Review

      1. Oh man I didn’t even know that! That definitely changes my thoughts on the character. I’m only 20, but it definitely feels weird being older than a celebrity! Now I’m starting to feel old…

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  1. Lol “sluttiest line in the book” 😂😂 That really does look funny. Honestly I am not a huge fan of comedies (it’s my least favorite genre both in terms of movies and anime), but it does look like s fun show. I might check this one out a bit if it becomes available here (which unfortunately it isn’t at the moment). As usual another great post, enjoyed reading this one 😊

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    1. The brutal honesty of the line is also pretty funny. As you aren’t a fan of comedies, I’d say steer clear of this one, as it is almost 100% comedy based. But with that being said, it is pretty funny. So maybe you can find some enjoyment out of it.
      Ahh, I never even considered that the Netherlands had different anime that are and are not available than the US and such. If it becomes available and you decide to watch it, please let me know your thoughts on it! Thanks as always for reading friend 😀

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