Konbini Kareshi Episode 3 Review

Things start moving a bit slower this episode, as it seems they are starting to introduce a lot of the side characters that they have periodically shown during montages and OP scenes.

The big question of the hour comes when Towa sees Miharu talking to another boy at the hospital. He, the “quick to jump to conclusions person” that he is, instantly assumes this is Miharu’s boyfriend and goes to warn Haruki.

Haruki and Towa.JPG
Discussing the “big find.”

Towa isn’t content with Haruki saying he doesn’t like Miharu in that way, and decides to investigate the newly discovered boyfriend. In doing so, he drags Mami along with him, which I think helped bring them closer together.

Towa and Mami spying
Spying so inconspicuously.

During their investigation two side characters get revealed; one being the suspected “boyfriend” and his underclassman who are both in the cooking club. While they seem unimportant at the moment, based on how frequently they’ve appeared in the background of some scenes and during OP scenes, I imagine they will be more important later-on.

pancakes konbini kareshi.JPG
Isekai Shokudou isn’t the only show this season with delicious looking food.

While all this is going on, a lot of non-romance related plot starts to come to fruition. Haruki gets forcibly “volunteered” to help with the upcoming sports festival and in doing so meets the star of the track team. While he doesn’t seem important now, I think he will be just like the cooking club members I mentioned above, in that they will all be more important later.

Because he is kept late after school, Haruki gets caught in the rain and seeks shelter and an umbrella from the konbini. He then runs into Miharu, where he learns the sought after truth about this mystery boyfriend.

Haruki and Miharu.JPG

This episode was probably the slowest moving in terms of main plot so far, but with that being said I think it is a necessary evil. If it was just constant main plot, then the other side characters wouldn’t get to truly develop well, and their usefulness would probably end up being super confusing later on.

One thing I found interesting, is that they changed up the animation to go with the OP. It seems as though each OP scene is a collection of pictures and scenes from the next couple of episodes. While not unprecedented, it was worth noting.

The animation and character designs continue to impress me. I particularly liked this shot of Haruki:

Haruki eating a popsicle with umbrella.JPG
I wish I was cool enough to eat a Popsicle in the rain.

While the main question may have been answered, it seems the show left us with more questions unanswered, especially with ending on somewhat of a cliffhanger. Which is a good technique to keep you coming back next week. And that is exactly what I’m going to do!


2 thoughts on “Konbini Kareshi Episode 3 Review

  1. Haha, yeah cliffhangers are a technique that keeps you coming back for more. (Unless a series gets cancelled, that is when I really hate cliffhangers lol 😂). It still sounds like a very unique show this one. When there are a few more episodes on Crunchyroll, I might just check it out. Great post! 😊

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    1. Oh man I can think of so many shows off the top of my head that end in cliffhangers because of cancellation. That is the worst! It is definitely interesting. A lot different than things I have seen recently, though that can be taken in a good or bad way I suppose. Yeah fortunately Crunchyroll is simulcasting it, so we can watch it when it airs in Japan! Technology is so amazing sometimes.
      Thanks as always mate 😀

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