Aho Girl Episode 4 Review

Episode 4 again has nothing particularly out of the ordinary here, just like the previous episode. Though this time, it seems each character gets their own story block. And with that, their own way to annoy A-kun.

Dont be like Yoshiko.JPG
These children continue to be the wisest characters in the show.

The three children who play with Yoshiko have one of the better scenes from this episode. They are dragged along on another one of Yoshiko’s shenanigans, this time to a department store Power Rangers-esque hero show. (Do they still do those anymore?)

Despite their being a script and no one is actually in danger, Yoshiko decides to take matters into her own hands, and defeat the villian herself.

Yoshiko as Super Pachi Ranger.JPG
My exact quote when someone thanks me at work.

My favorite scene from this episode was the episode’s finale. Yoshiko announces that it is A-kun’s birthday tomorrow and recruits Sayaka and the “Oppai President” to sneak into A-kun’s room and find out what he wants for his birthday. If you couldn’t already tell, the plan goes array pretty quickly. Yoshiko’s stupidity + A-kun’s “anti-Yoshiko” traps + the “Oppai President’s” lust for A-kun = recipe for disaster.

breaking into Akuns room.JPG
The three girl’s reconnaissance mission into A-kun’s room.

Aho Girl‘s episodes being short and sweet are probably the main reason I’ve continued watching so far. It’s not to say I’m not enjoying it, but if it were in 30-minute intervals instead of 15, I think I would get sick of it much more quickly. That being said, I’ve mostly enjoyed what I’ve seen, and will continue watching until the end.


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