Hajimete no Gal Episode 3 Review

Now that they’ve established the main character’s relationship, we are starting to delve into the side characters’ purpose. This episode we learn more about the oddly shaped and overly spray-tanned gyaru Ranko.

youre a virgin am I right.JPG
Apparently everyone can sniff out people’s virginity in this show. Add that to the list of useless super powers.

Ranko is Yame’s childhood friend from elementary school. Junichi gets well acquainted with Ranko right off the bat. If you catch my drift. Fortunately, she seems to just be teasing Junichi and “testing” him and his loyalty to Yame. After this, Yame suggests that the three of them all hang out together on their next day off. And so begins a montage of typical date activities!

Hajimete no Gal Bowling.JPG
I always get excited when there are bowling scenes in anime. Even if just for a few seconds!

Also I’d like to point out that Junichi was wearing a shirt with cherries on it during the date.”Cherry boy” is a euphemism for virgin in a lot of anime (Kosuda from Yamada’s First Time comes to mind as someone always called a “cherry boy”). So I think Hajimete no Gal is trying to tell us something about Junichi.

Junichi cherry boy shirt hajimete no gal.JPG
The cherry boy’s admirable words.

This episode seems to have brought out some actual plot into the mix. There was a scene where some hoodlums were incessantly hitting on Yame, and Junichi tries to stand up to them. While failing, it seems to show that he actually has some non-lusty feelings for her. So maybe this is actually the 2017 version of Yamada’s First Time after all? The rom-com shenanigans and lack of actual sexual activity seems to suggest that. Which is honestly fine by me.

strength to protect yame san hajimete no gal.JPG
It’s no longer just about sex to him. Progress!

While a little raunchy, I am enjoying Hajimete no Gal so far. It seems to be different take on your average rom-com, which is always nice to see. Though I still can’t get over the ginormous breasts on almost all of the girl characters. It is a little (very) over the top, to say the least. But if you don’t let that bother you, I think this can be a good show for those of you craving an ecchi romantic comedy this season.


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