Konbini Kareshi Episode 4 Review

Konbini Kareshi continues to impress me with its simple, yet accurate portrayal of high school love and romance. With an added convenience store focus, no less!

Haruki eating Karage kun.JPG
They even included my favorite character eating my favorite konbini snack: Kara age-kun! While basically just chicken nuggets, they have a bunch of different flavors and are only at Lawson, the best konbini!

The pacing of each episode is just right to me. You can actually feel progress that doesn’t just get pushed back to square one at the end of each episode. But it doesn’t move too fast, that way it can keep you wanting more. All too often shows make no progress until the last episode, in which case it just ends up fizzling off into an unsatisfying climax. Or the climax happens at episode 3, and you are just bored for the remaining episodes. But I’m getting the feeling that that won’t be the case with Konbini Kareshi, as each episode brings the characters closer than they were previously.

Though this is only the fourth episode, so it may be too early to draw conclusions on how impactful I think the climax will be. We’ll just have to see!

Haruki and Mashiki laughing konbini kareshi.JPG
These two look cute laughing together!

In regards to the actual content of the episode, we finally get to see the sports festival that everyone has been working hard on. Honda and Mami are entered in the three-legged race together, much to Mami’s dismay, Haruki continues to help the student council, and Miharu makes “good luck” charms for everyone.

Honda and Mami running.JPG
Training for the three-legged race.

Honda and Mami make a lot of progress with each other during this time. I think Mami has actually started to tolerate Honda! Judging by how she acted with him, it looks like she is even enjoying his company.

Konbini Kareshi sports festival clothes
I dig the amount of outfits and designs each character has. The gym clothes+headband look is pretty good on them.

Haruki and Miharu make a little bit less progress this time around, but not without ending on a cute scene with them both being trapped in the rain. It seems as though Miharu had an umbrella she could have used to get out, but instead stayed under the shelter with Haruki, as to stay with him and talk a bit longer. If only my high school life had been filled with such cute and romantic clichés!

I’m very happy with how things are going so far. If I have any complaints, it would be that I don’t quite understand the purpose of the side characters that they feel the need to keep pushing. They are thrown in at random times where it seems like they may be important, but then you don’t see them again for episodes at a time. Though really not a big deal at this point in the season. So long as they have some role in the end goal of the show, I think it’ll be fine.


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