Isekai Shokudou Episode 5 Review

Two more meals and two more characters are revealed in this episode of Isekai Shokudou. But from the looks of the preview, it seems like they are about to change the storytelling in the next episode to involve all of the now established characters.

old master and Lionel isekai shokudou.JPG
Get it? Wolf? Because he is a lion? Ahh animal jokes…

The first character mentioned is Lionel, who has been coming to Nekoya for over twenty years. He is actually a gladiator/slave, forced to fight for his freedom (think ancient Roman gladiators) after he is captured by a raunchy assassin.

sword down below isekai shokudou.JPG
Not the kind of joke I was expecting from this show!

Before his first ever fight, the discovered the door to Nekoya in his holding cell. Asking for a meal to bring him victory, the old master of Nekoya brought him katsudon.  Katsu in Japanese is the verb that means “to win.” This makes katsudon a sort of double entendre. So props to the old master by being extra clever and punny with his meal choice for Lionel.

katsu can mean victory isekai shokudou.JPG
This also in part explains the popularity of Kit-Kats in Japan. In Japanese, they are pronounced kitto katsu, with kitto meaning always and katsu meaning to win. So Kit-Kats are kind of a lucky snack, so to speak. 

The next customer is also a frequent, longtime customer to Nekoya. She is Victoria, a half-elf half-human mage. Not only that, but Victoria and her master are the ones who wrote the desert and lunch/dinner menus, respectively. This explains how the menus came to be written in the other world’s language.

the secret to isekai shokudous menus.JPG

The food this week was katsudon for Lionel, and Pudding a la mode for Victoria, the author of the desert menu.

After seeing the next episode’s preview, I think we will start to move from endless exposition to some actual plot progress. Not that the exposition has been bad though! I’ve really been enjoying it. But we will start to learn more about Nekoya’s staff, with extra focus on the waitress Aletta. So we’ll just have to see how that goes next week!


3 thoughts on “Isekai Shokudou Episode 5 Review

      1. Feeling like a winner is half the battle!

        Kit-kats are okay. If I’m being honest, I would opt for a Snickers first. Sorry, I don’t feel like a winner when I get a break of that KIT-KAT BAR ;__;

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