Hajimete no Gal Episode 4 Review

In every harem it seems, each character involved in the harem gets an episode of exposition to flesh out their character. This time it is the seemingly quiet and soft-spoken class representative, Yui Kashii.

yui kashii hajimete no gal.JPG
The consensus on r/anime is that she is”best girl,” but I don’t know about that.

But of course, her personality on the outside differs greatly from what she truly is. Coined a “serious gal” by Junichi’s four-eyed friend, Kashii is actually an online gal cam girl-esque streamer by night who makes sure to not let anyone know of her gal personality. She also believes the world revolves around her, and becomes quite the pain in the neck if things don’t go her way.

perv friend hajimete no gal.JPG
The “perv friend” discovering Kashii’s online gal stream.

Kashii also views Junichi as her dog who should only be loyal to her, and views his relationship with Yame as something interfering with his loyalty.

junichi as a dog hajimete no gal.JPG
Doggy Junichi.

This episode toned down the lewd and raunchiness a bit (though it wasn’t completely absent), which was rather refreshing. The comedy was on point in this episode as well. But man, with each episode that passes, Junichi’s friends get crazier and crazier.

supreme gentlemen hajimete no gal.JPG
This is the kind of picture I’d pay to have painted and hung up in my house. It’s so pseudo dramatic that it’s silly.

The lolicon friend in particular made a joke that may or may not have suggested luring children with a “free candy” van.

the free candy van hajimete no gal.JPG

They also seem to be testing Junichi’s loyalty and love for Yame, which I suppose can count as progress in their relationship.

kashii sans emotional confession hajimete no gal.JPG
Kashii’s heated confession of love (and a master-dog relationship) to Junichi.

One of the better episodes so far, but still no Yame and Junichi centered episodes since the karaoke episode. And based on the next episode’s preview, it looks like we might have to wait a bit longer for one. So until then, I’ll be eagerly awaiting some Yame x Junichi progress.


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