Isekai Shokudou Episode 6 Review

This week we finally get to explore more into all of the characters that have been introduced so far, with emphasis on Aletta and the master.

Ingredient storage room isekai shokudou.JPG

We got to learn more about everyone through a cute argument between literally every character that has been introduced so far over which sandwich is the best and why (presented in MLA format to boot!). We saw some intense food arguments in the first episode, but not nearly as many people were involved compared to this full-restaurant debate!

Isekai shokudou regulars.JPG

Isekai shokudou regulars 2.JPG
The calm before the storm.

Hilarity ensued as each patron started buying their favorite dish for their debate opponent to attempt to prove that their tastes were superior. Which I suppose is a much better compromise than just yelling at someone and trying to prove your point that way.

Isekai shokudou regulars 3.JPG
It’s almost as if this line was talking about the patrons themselves. When they were all gathered here for this episode, it was truly exquisite!

This week’s menu items were sandwiches (fittingly) and a steamed potato with butter. The master of Nekoya wanted to teach Aletta how to make something delicious, but easy to make with potatoes and so steamed potatoes and butter was the result.

I think we are going to start learning more and more about Nekoya’s staff in the next few episodes, so I am really eager to see it. This episode was a nice break from seeing new characters introduced, and allowed us to actually do something with them now that they have been established. Now we just have to wait and see what will happen next week in Nekoya.



2 thoughts on “Isekai Shokudou Episode 6 Review

  1. I think it’s great that you enjoy this series so much. A lot of the anime blogs I follow seem to truly not like this series, even having dropped it after a since episode. It just goes to show that taste (pun intended) really is different for everyone. Really enjoy reading along, and ofcourse a great review as always 😊

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    1. I think I enjoy it so much simply for how relaxing it is. I can just sit back and watch people enjoy food without worrying about someone dying, or someone’s heart being broken. It is a nice change of pace, ya know?
      Good pun by the way!
      Thanks, I am really glad you enjoyed reading it, and I hope that if you decide to watch Isekai Shokudou someday, that you enjoy it too!
      Thanks as always friend 😀

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