About WeeaboOtaku

To give a little background: about a year ago, I was tasked in a writing class with making a blog, and keeping up with it weekly. The content was basically up to me, so I talked about various TED Talks I had seen, politics, how to survive college, the weather, and an overall bunch of mundane topics. However, this experience was very enlightening, and resonates with me now. It allowed me to realize blogs were more than just a 40-something mother’s way of posting to her niche group of friends, and that it was actually a way to express yourself as well. So I think personally, this blog is for me. But hopefully there can be someone who reads a post or two, and gets some enjoyment (or frustration?) out of reading it.

Overall, I think I’d like to discuss anime, manga, J-drama, and music on this. With that beings said, I can almost guarantee a post about college or any other random topic that crosses my mind will make its way onto my blog. So I’ll apologize in advance. I also plan on posting a couple times a week, mostly on weekdays. This schedule is pretty tentative though, so don’t hate me if I don’t make a post during the week, but spam your feed with 17 posts over the weekend…

Anyways, thanks for checking me out! I’ll be putting in consistent work on this throughout the year, so check back frequently to see what’s up!


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