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Aho Girl Episode 6 Review

This episode is the second half to the Summer vacation arc and probably my favorite episode we’ve had so far. Up until this point I didn’t really like Aho Girl, but this episode might have changed things. We’ll see!

This episode opens with the idiot squad at the beach. Yoshiko is, of course, causing trouble. In particular, she buries the Public Morals Chairwoman and then decides to give her sand body a bonus body part.

All this while A-kun is relaxing and just trying to catch some rays. Though while watching I felt that he looked kinda familiar to one of my favorite childhood characters. Do you agree?

a-kun chillen at the beach aho girl.JPG

Tom at the Beach Tom and Jerry

This episode was full of quotable moments/perfect screencaps. One in particular was Ryuichi trying to stop Yoshiko’s mother from ruining their trip.

you little whippersnapper aho girl.JPG
This has the same motion blur-like effects people have been putting on memes recently. I kinda dig it.

Though the winner of the best quote goes to this next one. I feel like it is even better without context. So you’ll just have to watch the episode to truly enjoy the quote.

aho girl no context.JPG
What could she possibly be talking about?

Though my favorite scene of the episode was when A-kun has to dog sit for Yoshiko. While initially upset with the turn of events, it turns out that the dog actually understands A-kun! Not only that, but they have the same taste in movies! It seems A-kun has finally found the one person who can understand him. Though not quite the person he probably had in mind…

the only thing that can understand A kun aho girl.JPG
I ship it. I think.

This episode had some much better jokes and comedy than the previous episodes, I thought. Which really shouldn’t have taken six episodes for a comedy to actually make me laugh, but maybe I’m just picky.

Aho Girl has been slightly redeemed, now it is up to the latter half of the season to finish strong. If it can, then I think this will definitely be a show to watch for comedy lovers.


Summer 2017 Anime: What I am Planning on Watching

So this upcoming anime season I’ll have a bit more free time than usual, so I’d like to spend it watching the new releases and writing posts about the shows that interest me.

This list is only for the shows that I am 100% going to at least watch the first episode of. I have other shows that I am considering watching, as sort of a back-up, if one of my guaranteed to watch shows turns out to be a bust. But for right now, I figured it made the most sense for me to feature the shows I was most excited about. Also, the descriptions and any other info I give about the anime are coming from’s list of Summer 2017 anime. So you can check out more details of shows there.

Anyways, here we go to start my list!

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Life Update: I am back to writing!

In case you missed it, I haven’t posted in a very long while! This has been for a multitude of reasons, so I am just going to jump right i and bring you all up to speed as to where the life of WeeaboOtaku has been over these many and long, post-less months.

For starters, my study abroad in Japan has unfortunately ended. So that was my initial excuse for not posting. I ended up getting seriously caught up in studying for final exams, writing a 5 page paper the day it was due, going on a last minute Tokyo trip with my girlfriend, saying tearful goodbyes to the friends I had made in Japan, packing my things to return to the US, and a lot of other time consuming activities.

After returning to North Carolina, in the US, I worked at my part-time job for a bit, just before school started. So I used the “I’m tired from work” excuse to not make blog posts then.

my stupid face
The face of someone “tired of working.”

About two weeks or so after my return, I had to move back into my dormitory at my university, and resume school for the Spring semester of my junior year. Now, this would’ve been where I resumed writing blog posts (and I promise I was close to starting a post), but then I became unexpectedly busy with school. My semester was initially really light in work, with only a history class bogging me down. But then, my former Japanese professor’s TA quit, leaving the spot open. He is infamous for being hard on TAs, but I’m a favorite student of his. So I swooped in and took that TA position. However, since it was after the add/drop deadline for classes, and the Japanese department can’t afford to pay TAs, this work was all volunteer. So, I became extra busy. Thus granting me yet another excuse to not write blog posts.

But I survived the semester! And it just ended about two weeks ago. Now you’d think my excuses would end there. But oh ho ho clearly you don’t know WeeaboOtaku, the excuse master! Once the semester ended, I had to move back home. Then, Raleigh, North Carolina’s yearly anime convention “Animazement” came around, and of course I just had to go. I will also be writing a short post/review of the con itself, in case anyone was considering going. Following the con, my family and I had to move. In fact, I only just moved into the new place about 3 days ago. And I didn’t even have my computer set up until earlier today.

And now here we are!

So, to make a long story short, I am back to writing! I will try to be as consistent with posts as I was before. And here is a little preview of what is to come:

I am going to finish my episode reviews of http://www.Working!! and give a full series review after.

I will write a short post about Animazement, and my past experiences with it as well.

I have a few new anime reviews up my sleeve. So look forward to my reviews of Grimgar of Fantasy and AshChivalry of a Failed Knight, and many others. I also plan on writing a post about what I plan to watch for the upcoming Summer anime season.

I also found a DVD box set on Amazon of Nagisa Oshima films, so I can hopefully reboot my old film review series. Which I absolutely loved writing, so I am super stoked about that.

For anyone interested in the Japanese language, I won my universities Japanese speech contest for the second year in a row, and came in 3rd place in North Carolina’s speech contest. So I may post my speech on here, as well as last year’s speech. I think it might be fun to read for any of you learning Japanese, or wanting to learn.

speech contest prize
My certificate for winning the speech contest. 

And there is just so much more to come, now that I have a bit more free time! So please look forward to more posts from yours truly!

Nanzan University Festival

So today(11/03/16) until Sunday(11/06/16) is my exchange university’s campus-wide festival. It is something that I have seen a lot in anime and such, so I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to go to one in person!

I didn’t stay too long, and I didn’t take many pictures, but it was a lot of fun regardless. There were a TON of people. For some reason this surprised me, though I should’ve expected it. Food stalls consisted of most of the attractions. There were infinite food stalls selling things like takoyaki (fried octopus balls), ramen, kara age (fried chicken) churros, “American potatoes” which were spiral french fry-like things on a stick (which is ironic because I have never seen anything like that in America), some sort of taco thing which is apparently a Nagoya delicacy, crepes and more! The smells of all the food filled my campus, making it hard to not buy anything.

I got some black pepper french fries and a chocolate drizzle churro!

There were also a couple stages set up, with varying performances. At first, there were two rock bands playing on each stage, but as I went to the main stage later there was an idol group performing. I stayed and watched the idol group perform for a little bit, and they weren’t half bad. I really enjoyed the performances from the rock bands, making me wish I had asked them the names of the songs they were playing.

If you ever have the chance to go to a high school or university festival in Japan, you should take it. It was a lot of fun, and had lots of yummy homemade food for cheap. Which is good if you are a stingy bum like me!

Tomorrow I’m headed to the Kansai area to go to Kobe, Osaka, Kyoto, and Nishinomiya. Nishinomiya in particular will be a lot of fun, because it is the city The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya takes place in. So look forward to some real-life comparison pictures in a few days. Also I will be posting a review of Love, Election and Chocolate Tuesday the 8th and my review of Nagisa Oshima’s The Man who Left his Will on Film the 15th, so please look forward to that!

Tying Up Loose Ends: My Unfinished Anime List

If you are anything like me, then you may have started a lot of anime and then never gotten around to finishing them. For any number of reasons really; be it you were busy, you didn’t like it, your dog ate your computer so now you can’t watch it, etc etc. However recently it has all been catching up with me. I will see posts online nearly spoiling shows I had planned to finish but didn’t, or I may not be able to contribute to a conversation with my friends since I forgot to finish a show. There are also numerous shows that I actually REALLY enjoyed, but just couldn’t be bothered to continue watching it. So with that being said, it is time to “tie up loose ends.”


Here is my list anime I have procrastinated on watching for long enough. I will make it my goal to not start a new show until I finish at least five of these shows on this list:

  • 91 Days (I actually finished this yesterday, I was just putting it on here to make it seem like I have made some sort progress already… ^_^)
  • Love, Election and Chocolate. Currently watching this one, hoping to review it when I am finished, so keep an eye out.
  • Charlotte
  • Space Dandy
  • Tower of Druaga. And its sequel I suppose…
  • Amagi Brilliant Park
  • Daily Lives of Highschool Boys (I’ve actually seen episodes 1-5, and 11 and 12, just not the ones in between… for some reason)
  • Classroom Crisis. I am having a very hard time trying to get through this show…
  • Glasslip. A show I wanted to be good, but just cannot bare to sit through. However I will do my best to finish it!
  • Oremonogatari
  • Durarara!! x2 Ten and Ketsu
  • Nokome, or My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedy in English. Another I really liked, but the power of laziness is too strong.
  • Rainy Cocoa. These episodes are only like two minutes long though, so this should be an easy one to finish.
  • Full Metal Alchemist
  • Casshern Sins
  • …and probably a few more, but I cannot remember them at the moment.
My list is starting to feel like this…

So there you have it! My seemingly unending list of impending doom. I will try my best to finish all of these as soon as possible, but I will be at least finishing five before the new anime season, that way I can start some new content. This list turned out to be a lot longer than I thought it would be… It is actually kind of daunting to look at.

If you have any suggestions as to what I should watch next on my list, let me know! Also any suggestions for when I finish this list, so that way I can start a new list are also welcome! Have you had a similar experience? If so, tell me about it!


Living in Japan!

So believe it or not, I am actually studying abroad in Japan right now! So that is partly to blame for my atrocious inactivity on this blog. I will be continuing to write somewhat decent blog posts from here on out, about various anime, manga, light novels, ancient literature, Japanese candy and fried chicken (which is absolutely to die for). So anything you might be interested in!

Also for those of you who may be interested in an awesome J-vlog, my girlfriend Taylor just recently started vlogging, and has a lot of good content about Japan, ranging from the Koto, the deer park in Nara,  Osaka Castle, and even things like the Language Barrier in Japan, if you don’t speak Japanese. So be sure to check out CuppOfTea for some dope J-vlogs. And if you have a channel let me know so I can totally check it out!

In the meantime, here are some pictures I have taken from my month and a half here already in Japan! Also lookout tomorrow/later today for a few posts about what anime are big in Japan right now, as well as a little bit of a history lesson sprinkled in there.

Osaka Castle
Inari Fushimi Shrine in Kyoto
Osu Kanon in Nagoya
The famous Tsurumai park, that has an area shaped like a Pokeball