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Aho Girl Episode 6 Review

This episode is the second half to the Summer vacation arc and probably my favorite episode we’ve had so far. Up until this point I didn’t really like Aho Girl, but this episode might have changed things. We’ll see!

This episode opens with the idiot squad at the beach. Yoshiko is, of course, causing trouble. In particular, she buries the Public Morals Chairwoman and then decides to give her sand body a bonus body part.

All this while A-kun is relaxing and just trying to catch some rays. Though while watching I felt that he looked kinda familiar to one of my favorite childhood characters. Do you agree?

a-kun chillen at the beach aho girl.JPG

Tom at the Beach Tom and Jerry

This episode was full of quotable moments/perfect screencaps. One in particular was Ryuichi trying to stop Yoshiko’s mother from ruining their trip.

you little whippersnapper aho girl.JPG
This has the same motion blur-like effects people have been putting on memes recently. I kinda dig it.

Though the winner of the best quote goes to this next one. I feel like it is even better without context. So you’ll just have to watch the episode to truly enjoy the quote.

aho girl no context.JPG
What could she possibly be talking about?

Though my favorite scene of the episode was when A-kun has to dog sit for Yoshiko. While initially upset with the turn of events, it turns out that the dog actually understands A-kun! Not only that, but they have the same taste in movies! It seems A-kun has finally found the one person who can understand him. Though not quite the person he probably had in mind…

the only thing that can understand A kun aho girl.JPG
I ship it. I think.

This episode had some much better jokes and comedy than the previous episodes, I thought. Which really shouldn’t have taken six episodes for a comedy to actually make me laugh, but maybe I’m just picky.

Aho Girl has been slightly redeemed, now it is up to the latter half of the season to finish strong. If it can, then I think this will definitely be a show to watch for comedy lovers.


Aho Girl Episode 5 Review

Summer vacation is here in Aho Girl, and it happens to coincide with Japanese school’s Summer vacations as well. But what will our weird delinquents do for their break?

I’ve honestly been pretty bored with Aho Girl up to this point, so luckily this episode was a decent change of pace.

yoshiko good morning kiss aho girl.JPG
A good morning kiss is probably not how A-kun wants to spend his first day of vacation.

Yoshiko, A-kun and his sister go to the movies for their first day the break away from their studies (though I suppose for Yoshiko, everyday is a break from studying). But, not surprisingly, Yoshiko is a movie talker! The worst kind of person!

yoshiko duct taped at the movies aho girl.JPG
Duct tape should be the punishment for those who talk during movies.

What is a slice of life anime without a beach trip? And what is a beach trip with out obligatory swimsuit shopping?

bathing suit shopping aho girl.JPG

Recently the more characters that are in a scene, the better. I have a hard time enjoying the exchanges between characters when it’s just two of them together, but when the whole aho squad is together, it is actually enjoyable to watch.

Ryuuichi groping yoshikos mother aho girl
Counter attack by Yoshiko’s mother during the battle for A-kun!

I was slowly losing interest in Aho Girl up to this point, but I think they’ve saved it a bit with this episode. It seems like the Summer vacation arc is going to be a two-parter as well, so hopefully next week is just like this episode was. If the beach trip half is even better, it may just save this show for me.

Aho Girl Episode 4 Review

Episode 4 again has nothing particularly out of the ordinary here, just like the previous episode. Though this time, it seems each character gets their own story block. And with that, their own way to annoy A-kun.

Dont be like Yoshiko.JPG
These children continue to be the wisest characters in the show.

The three children who play with Yoshiko have one of the better scenes from this episode. They are dragged along on another one of Yoshiko’s shenanigans, this time to a department store Power Rangers-esque hero show. (Do they still do those anymore?)

Despite their being a script and no one is actually in danger, Yoshiko decides to take matters into her own hands, and defeat the villian herself.

Yoshiko as Super Pachi Ranger.JPG
My exact quote when someone thanks me at work.

My favorite scene from this episode was the episode’s finale. Yoshiko announces that it is A-kun’s birthday tomorrow and recruits Sayaka and the “Oppai President” to sneak into A-kun’s room and find out what he wants for his birthday. If you couldn’t already tell, the plan goes array pretty quickly. Yoshiko’s stupidity + A-kun’s “anti-Yoshiko” traps + the “Oppai President’s” lust for A-kun = recipe for disaster.

breaking into Akuns room.JPG
The three girl’s reconnaissance mission into A-kun’s room.

Aho Girl‘s episodes being short and sweet are probably the main reason I’ve continued watching so far. It’s not to say I’m not enjoying it, but if it were in 30-minute intervals instead of 15, I think I would get sick of it much more quickly. That being said, I’ve mostly enjoyed what I’ve seen, and will continue watching until the end.

Aho Girl Episode 3 Review

No surprises or new characters in this episode (unless you count the farmer who grows the bananas). Though this wasn’t a bad thing, as this has probably been my favorite episode of the series so far. That might not sound like it means much, but the first two episodes were lacking in the comedy department for me.

favorite banana stand aho girl
It’s the simple pleasures in life, isn’t it?

In addition to the comedy, this episode has probably one of the best quotes/dialogue exchanges so far this anime season.

I dont think im ready for relationships aho girlSluttiest line in the book

I can already see the latter image being used in numerous memes in the future. Which I am definitely looking forward to!

a-kuns grades
What’s an episode of Aho Girl if there aren’t grades being shown? This time they’re A-kun’s grades.
a-kun with the killer uppercut aho girl
It’s also not Aho GIrl  if there aren’t any brutal uppercuts delivered to Yoshiko via A-kun.

While this episode doesn’t have much to discuss in terms of plot progression or anything of that sort, the comedy is what makes it worth watching. And maybe even so you can understand the source and context of future memes? One can only hope.

yoshikos maternal instincts

The episode closes on a pretty hilarious scene depicting Yoshiko trying to cheer up A-kun by “doing what my mom does to cheer up my dad at night.” It also gives us the gem of a picture above.

If episode 4 is like episode 3, then maybe I’ll start liking this show more. So this was definitely a step in the right direction, in my opinion.

Aho Girl Episode 2 Review

Aho Girl‘s second episode went just about as I expected: Yoshiko does more dumb stuff. But that isn’t a necessarily a bad thing.

Yoshiko playing with children

This time, almost half of the episode was dedicated to Yoshiko hanging out with little kids who, not surprisingly, are smarter than Yoshiko.

so its people like that who are ruining this country
Very wise words from children so young.

This episode also introduced A-kun’s sister, who is unfortunately as equally stupid as Yoshiko. What makes things worse is that she actually studies, whereas Yoshiko is stupid for the most part because she just plays and eats bananas all day.

a-kuns sisters grades
His sister’s grades. But to be fair, her answers weren’t the worst answers in the world.

I liked the addition of A-kun’s sister, since it shows the sweeter side of A-kun. It also shows that he isn’t mean to Yoshiko jjust because she is stupid, but rather it seems he is mean because she does not try to get better.

Aho Girl swing gif

My favorite scene from this episode was the last one, where A-kun gets harassed some more by the head of the school’s disciplinary committee. She’s now smitten with A-kun, and is taking any chance she can get to get close to him. Her wild delusion of him lead to my favorite quote of the episode: “I want to violate your regulations.”

I want to violate your regulations

There isn’t much more to be said about episode two. It was just about the same as the first, but I think this one was a bit funnier. It still isn’t as funny as I would like it to be, so this is probably my least favorite show I’m watching this season. So far, at least. We’ll just have to see what the rest of the season has in store.

Aho Girl Episode 1 Review

The plot for this show is short and sweet; a dumb girl does dumb things. Aho Girl‘s title aho (idiot) is Yoshiko, a banana obssessed idiot who can somehow get a 0% on a multiple choice test. Yoshiko is joined by her friend known so far only as “A-kun,” who has to put up with all of Yoshiko’s foolishness.

Yoshikos grades
Grades like those are impressive, really.

It seems that each of these 15-minute episodes are also going to be divided further into a few shorter segments, much like Mangaka-san to Assistant-san was. So it is definitely a show that you can start even if you only have 5 minutes, since you can just watch one of the segments in an episode, and watch the rest of it later. Definitely an anime that fits to your schedule!

As for the actual content, it was your run of the mill slice-of-life anime in terms of about most everything. Nothing except the OP song (which was pretty good) really stood out to me, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since nothing that bad stuck out either.

yoshikos own mother calling her an idiot aho girl
You know you’re an idiot when even your own mother is calling you an idiot.

The animation is average, sometimes being really well done and other times being super generic. There were some jokes that made me giggle more than I should have, but on the other side of the coin, there were some jokes/tropes that were used so many times in this short episode that they already started to get stale. Yoshiko’s banana obsession comes to mind. Though they redeemed themselves a bit at the end with their “indecent kind of banana” joke.

akun punching yoshiko
A-kun punching Yoshiko into tomorrow, and also an example of one of a scene with nicer animation.

I also particularly enjoyed Yoshiko’s cheap attempt to bribe her classmate for a measly 10 Yen (roughly .10 USD).

I think it is too early to say much, but so far I like the silliness of Aho Girl. But if it continues making its own jokes stale, which I think it will, this show will be buried under some of the better comedies of this season has to offer.