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Konbini Kareshi Episode 2 Review

We dive a bit deeper into the two potential romances set up for us in the first episode, so it seems Konbini Kareshi isn’t wasting any time in trying to tell us what to expect. But I like that. Though fortunately for me it isn’t all drama, and has a lot of comedy sprinkled in throughout. My little heart can’t handle a lot of drama without comedy.

harukis room with the merfolk prince picture book
Haruki’s room, with his treasured picture book.

The episode opens with a greater look into Haruki’s past with his love interest Miharu. So we get a glimpse here at cute little middle school aged Haruki:

Haruki as a child konbini kareshi

However, it seems this episode’s focal point is on Towa and Mami Mihashi. Mami seems to be fed up with Towa’s superficial shenanigans, and recruits the help of Miharu to stop him.

come on smile konbini kareshi

They then turn to Haruki since he is Towa’s best friend for help on the matter, with hopes that he can talk to him. I’m bringing attention to this, because it led to some of the silliest moments of the episode that made for some great screencaps.

boy talk konbini kareshi
Some accurate “guy talk” poses.

Haruki and Towa wrestling konbini kareshi

mom, haruki is gay konbini kareshi
When Haruki’s little brother caught him fighting/wrestling with Towa.

As I mentioned last week, I really dig the OP and ED songs! Now that I have gotten a chance to listen to them again, I think I prefer the ED more, but they are both pretty good. I’ve actually looked up the band for the ED, ORANGE POST REASON, on YouTube and their other songs are pretty good too. They don’t seem to be very popular so check them out!

konbini employees
While they play only a small role, I’m really liking their characters so far.

This episode also featured some pretty well animated scenes. This was pleasantly surprising, since I was actually thinking the animation of the first episode wasn’t anything special. The two scenes in particular were a running scene with Haruki, and a scene where Miharu walked past Haruki. While I’m no expert on animation or critiquing it, I felt that they were worth mentioning.

I’m very happy with Konbini Kareshi so far and I hope those of you watching are too. If you haven’t started watching it yet, and love convenience store romances as much as I do, start watching!

www.Working!! Episode 12 Review

The second to last episode of  http://www.Working!! definitely did not disappoint. The show has decided to resolve all of the side character’s problems that had been building up, and managed to do so all in one episode. I honestly wasn’t expecting this short, 13-episode show to do that, since the original Working!! series takes 3 seasons to do so.

Anyways, the points of focus in this episode were Adachi and Muranushi’s relationship, and Yuta and Shiho’s (eventual) relationship.

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Love, Election and Chocolate Review

Plot: The “Food Research Club” (read excuse to eat snacks club) in on the verge of being shut down due to budget cut policies from the #1 Student Council Presidential candidate. So what better way to stop this policy, then by running for president and making your own policies? That is exactly what Oojima Yuuki does, with the help of his slacker friends in the Food Research Club.

With the American Presidential Election right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to review an election themed anime!

Based on a visual novel of the same name, Love Election and Chocolate is a romantic-comedy-drama of sorts. As rom-coms are my favorite genre, I was really looking forward to finally getting around to finishing this anime, but wound up being greatly disappointed by the end. Leading me to remember why I originally dropped it after one episode to begin with.

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