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Konbini Kareshi Episode 5 Review

August is this episode’s title, which makes me happy since my birthday is in August! +10 points for Gryffindor to anyone who figures it out.

Anyways, in this episode Haruki and Miharu’s relationship progress takes a backseat to Towa and Mami’s relationship. And man is there a lot of change progress here!

Towa and Haruki at national sports meet konbini kareshi.JPG

The episode starts with the four main characters at a sports festival competition. Towa declares it a “date” as thanks for helping Mami with the three-legged race at last week’s episode’s sports festival. Though it seems Mami is still as apprehensive as ever when dealing with Towa during this double date.

mihashi on the phone with towa konbini kareshi.JPG
Mami has a ton of shoujo manga!

The obligatory anime fireworks festival is also coming up soon, to which Towa invites Mami to for a more serious date. However, she declines his invitation.

harukia cheering up towa konbini kareshi.JPG
Haruki cheering Towa up after his initial rejection.

By coincidence, Towa runs into Miharu after soccer practice and gets advice about Mami. Miharu tells him that Mami actaully does like him, but is trying to deny it. And that her saying she hates him is what characters in a shoujo manga do (go figure). So through one last ditch effort, and with a little help from Miharu, Towa goes to Mami’s house to tell her how he really feels.

Towa confessing to Mami konbini kareshi.JPG
A confession at episode 5? So early! This is unprecedented!

Fireworks, both literally and metaphorically, fly during the confession! It seems to go well, as the closing scene is what looks like Towa and Mami kissing. And based on next week’s episode preview, it looks like we get to see them doing cute couple stuff! So I’m excited.

This has by far been one of my favorite episodes of the show simply because so much happens. While it may not be much progress with our main two characters, Towa and Mami’s story is equally important. And I am also a fan of shows not waiting until the last 3 minutes of the very last episode to have the characters declare their love for each other. And at that point, nothing else can be done about it! So it is nice to see things happening much sooner.

Also, this episode had made use of some pretty dope split screen scenes:

mihashi on the phone with towa 2 konbini kareshi.JPG
One for Towa’s initial rejection over the phone.
Haruki and Miharu fireworks starting konbini kareshi.JPG
And another for Haruki and Miharu during the fireworks display. Also maybe some symbolism as to the start of Towa and Mami’s relationship? 

I’m happy to see the plot actually going somewhere. I was definitely skeptical at the start, since only real premise they gave was about a convenience store. But I can 100% say that at this point this show is a must watch for shoujo romance lovers out there. And an extra bonus if you enjoy real plot progress. Now I am only hoping that Haruki and Miharu’s romance reaches an even more satisfying climax!


Konbini Kareshi Episode 3 Review

Things start moving a bit slower this episode, as it seems they are starting to introduce a lot of the side characters that they have periodically shown during montages and OP scenes.

The big question of the hour comes when Towa sees Miharu talking to another boy at the hospital. He, the “quick to jump to conclusions person” that he is, instantly assumes this is Miharu’s boyfriend and goes to warn Haruki.

Haruki and Towa.JPG
Discussing the “big find.”

Towa isn’t content with Haruki saying he doesn’t like Miharu in that way, and decides to investigate the newly discovered boyfriend. In doing so, he drags Mami along with him, which I think helped bring them closer together.

Towa and Mami spying
Spying so inconspicuously.

During their investigation two side characters get revealed; one being the suspected “boyfriend” and his underclassman who are both in the cooking club. While they seem unimportant at the moment, based on how frequently they’ve appeared in the background of some scenes and during OP scenes, I imagine they will be more important later-on.

pancakes konbini kareshi.JPG
Isekai Shokudou isn’t the only show this season with delicious looking food.

While all this is going on, a lot of non-romance related plot starts to come to fruition. Haruki gets forcibly “volunteered” to help with the upcoming sports festival and in doing so meets the star of the track team. While he doesn’t seem important now, I think he will be just like the cooking club members I mentioned above, in that they will all be more important later.

Because he is kept late after school, Haruki gets caught in the rain and seeks shelter and an umbrella from the konbini. He then runs into Miharu, where he learns the sought after truth about this mystery boyfriend.

Haruki and Miharu.JPG

This episode was probably the slowest moving in terms of main plot so far, but with that being said I think it is a necessary evil. If it was just constant main plot, then the other side characters wouldn’t get to truly develop well, and their usefulness would probably end up being super confusing later on.

One thing I found interesting, is that they changed up the animation to go with the OP. It seems as though each OP scene is a collection of pictures and scenes from the next couple of episodes. While not unprecedented, it was worth noting.

The animation and character designs continue to impress me. I particularly liked this shot of Haruki:

Haruki eating a popsicle with umbrella.JPG
I wish I was cool enough to eat a Popsicle in the rain.

While the main question may have been answered, it seems the show left us with more questions unanswered, especially with ending on somewhat of a cliffhanger. Which is a good technique to keep you coming back next week. And that is exactly what I’m going to do!

Isekai Shokudou Episode 3 Review

Episode 3 is the what I’ll call the “grandfather episode” as each new character who visits Nekoya is accompanied by their grandfather. We also get to see a glimpse of my favorite character’s grandfather, while learning a bit more about Nekoya in the process.

explaining coffee isekai shokudou

The first set of grandparent/grandchild is a culinary master of his world and his grandson. He reveals to his grandson and heir to his fortune and company the secret behind his legendary pasta: that the ideas and recipes all come from Nekoya.

how the chef gets his ingredients

More than that secret gets revealed, however. We also learn how the chef and master of Nekoya is able to cook dishes that resemble dishes from the other world. And that is by receiving ingredients from the culinary master in exchange for Nekoya’s monthly profits.

chefs personal ingredients

The next pair is a grandfather and ruler of kingdoms and his granddaughter. He shares the secret of Nekoya with her to brighten up her day, as her life had just changed drastically.

grandfather and granddaughter isekai shokudou

This is actually a flashback, and another very revealing one. We flash back to when Nekoya had a different master, and when the current one was still in training.

previous master of Nekoya isekai shokudou
Nekoya’s previous master.

As you might have guessed, that man was actually the current master’s grandfather!

the old and new master isekai shokudou
He looks young without facial hair, doesn’t he?

This week’s menu items 5 and 6 were spaghetti with meat sauce and a chocolate parfait, respectively.

Both stories again do a great job at telling their own story, whilst simultaneously revealing more and more about Nekoya and the employees within. The episode also closes with a cute and uplifting scene showing all of the patrons that have been introduced thus far eating at Nekoya.

Isekai Shokudous customers up to episode 3

Isekai Shokudou continues to impress me and leave me wanting more each week! I definitely cannot wait for next week’s episode!

Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun Episode 3 Review

Episode three takes us back into actual soccer for a bit, but not without a nice ten or so minutes of comedy.  Which as you might have figured, is my favorite part of this show so far.

Group at family restaurant aoyama kun

The comedy scene features our soccer squad at a family restaurant taking shelter from the rain. While originally a nice and calm dinner, things quickly take a turn for the silly when my favorite six-pack wielding character Takechi comes in and challengers Aoyama’s gourmand teammate to see who can eat the entire menu first.

ab master flex
He eats that much with abs like those? I’m jealous.

This contest ends with Aoyama’s foodie teammate surviving the final dessert, and bringing home the gold. The entire scene, though, ends in wonderful fashion. It’s as if the show acknowledges that it hasn’t actually been about soccer for an episode and a half now, and makes sure to call that to attention.

this has nothing to do with soccer

But all good things must come to an end. So they returned to actual soccer shenanigans by the second half of the episode. And it somehow ends up with Aoyama being locked in the opposing team’s locker room, being held captive by that team’s captain’s girlfriend. This sabotage was meant to make sure Fujimi (Aoyama’s team) loses without their star player.

aoyama kun trapped

Things looked pretty grim, with Fujimi being down 2-0 with only 15 minutes left in the game. But fortunately, everyone’s favorite stalker Gotou Moka came to rescue Aoyama.

gotou moka behind kana-aoyamakun

After he is rescued, Aoyama makes sure to put the cheating team in their place. He puts his team up 5-2 in just 15 minutes, scoring himself a hat trick (3 goals in one game) in the process.

The animation never ceases to impress me, with each goal looking truly beautiful. So even though I am not a huge fan of the actual soccer scenes, they are definitely enjoyable to watch.

If you were disappointed in the lack of soccer in the last episode, then this one is definitely for you. While the comedy was more restrained this time around, I still really enjoyed episode three, and I’m looking forward to next week.


Aho Girl Episode 2 Review

Aho Girl‘s second episode went just about as I expected: Yoshiko does more dumb stuff. But that isn’t a necessarily a bad thing.

Yoshiko playing with children

This time, almost half of the episode was dedicated to Yoshiko hanging out with little kids who, not surprisingly, are smarter than Yoshiko.

so its people like that who are ruining this country
Very wise words from children so young.

This episode also introduced A-kun’s sister, who is unfortunately as equally stupid as Yoshiko. What makes things worse is that she actually studies, whereas Yoshiko is stupid for the most part because she just plays and eats bananas all day.

a-kuns sisters grades
His sister’s grades. But to be fair, her answers weren’t the worst answers in the world.

I liked the addition of A-kun’s sister, since it shows the sweeter side of A-kun. It also shows that he isn’t mean to Yoshiko jjust because she is stupid, but rather it seems he is mean because she does not try to get better.

Aho Girl swing gif

My favorite scene from this episode was the last one, where A-kun gets harassed some more by the head of the school’s disciplinary committee. She’s now smitten with A-kun, and is taking any chance she can get to get close to him. Her wild delusion of him lead to my favorite quote of the episode: “I want to violate your regulations.”

I want to violate your regulations

There isn’t much more to be said about episode two. It was just about the same as the first, but I think this one was a bit funnier. It still isn’t as funny as I would like it to be, so this is probably my least favorite show I’m watching this season. So far, at least. We’ll just have to see what the rest of the season has in store.

Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun Episode 2 Review

Two episodes in and I think I can safely say I am very happy with Aoyama-kun! This episode was more about Aoyama’s stalker Moka Gotou, and her history with Aoyama, as well as a hilarious half-episode story about Aoyama’s “magic” towel.

Aoyama in elementary school
Aoyama-kun in elementary school.

At the start of the episode, we get more narration from Aoyama’s borderline stalker, whose name is finally revealed, Moka Gotou. It is revealed that they met in elementary school, where Aoyama was attempting to play with a cat. However, he wouldn’t touch it because, well… quite frankly because he’s an idiot. But more to the point, because he is a clean freak. So to combat this, Moka makes him a cat stuffed animal, so he could play with the animal he likes without fear of germs.

that cat has a weird face

This part of the episode was alright, but more importantly, it moved the story along into bringing Moka onto the team as their assistant/manager and closer to Aoyama-kun.

Aoyamas magic towel

Later in the episode, one of Aoyama’s teammates gets a whiff of Aoyama’s towels, and described it as giving off a “sweet, elegant aroma!! Outrageous.” He even went as far as to tweet about it, getting all of his other teammates and nearly everyone else in school curious about the magic towel.

megane shinshi z twitter

This little arc made me laugh a lot more than I was ready for, which was pleasantly surprising. My favorite part has to be when Aoyama is fleeing the numerous pursuers trying to steal his towel, and unnecessarily starts dribbling a soccer ball in the process.

and for some unknown reason hes also dribbling
I nearly lost it at this scene.

I think I liked this episode so much, because it has almost zero actual soccer and instead is mostly comedy/fleshing out characters’ backgrounds. I feel like I would get bored very quickly of a show that is 100% sports. Which at this point, I highly doubt it will be. Anyways, I’m really happy with how the comedy and sports have been divided up in the show, and how they also aren’t mutually exclusive. If you haven’t watched an episode yet because you were unsure as to how it would be, I think you should definitely give it a go!


www.Working!! Episode 13 Review

I finally made it to the last episode of http://www.Working!! and boy was it a long time coming.

To start, I would say I am really impressed with how they were able to resolve all of the problems brought up in the show, and do so in a timely and reasonable manner. They also did so in a way that makes it so they could do another season if they wanted to, but it doesn’t need to be done. Which is the best way to end a show, I think.

Miyakoshis cooking chaos aura

I also wasn’t expecting it to end so completely, since the original Working!! took 3 seasons, as I may have already mentioned. Anyways! I’d like to get into my thoughts of the episode.

It opens with Higashida and Miyakoshi bidding farewell to Saint Valentine, but doing so without eating the poisonous chocolate. At this time Miyakoshi also starts to realize her feelings for Higashida.

wagnaria 6 months later

Flash forward six months, and we get to see how the Wagnaria employees are dealing with life. Which is exciting because we get a bit more screen time of my favorite character, Saiki!

koki saiki conclusion

The show also takes this brief time to show how the relationships between Yuta and Shiho, and Adachi and Muranushi have progressed. The former relationship is going strong, with Yuta having quit his Wagnaria job to work for more money in construction. The latter relationship shows big change, with Adachi announcing his resignation from Wagnaria, to work at his family’s sushi shop. However, he also proposes that Muranushi live and work with him in the near future, so that they can continue to see each other often.

Yuta Construction Job

Adachi quitting his job

Now to conclude the main character’s relationship! Higashida decides to break up with Miyakoshi! However, he does it in a sort of symbolic way. He breaks up with her, thus ending their previous relationship based solely on improving Miyakoshi’s cooking, and then re-asks her out, so as to be a normal couple. Cheesy as it may sound, I felt it was a fitting way to bring their relationship into a more “normal” definition of the word.

Miyakoshi with long hair

Oh, and Miyakoshi grows out her hair!

Overall, I definitely loved this series! It has been a blast to watch, with my only regret being I didn’t continue to watch it as it aired. I’ll probably do a full series review sometime in the future. But it shouldn’t be too long, since you can probably guess how I felt about the show from these episode reviews.

Anyways, thanks for reading my first go at an episode-by-episode series review! It has been a great time watching each episode, and jotting down my thoughts on them.

www.Working!! Episode 6 Review

Episode 6 is here, leaving us about halfway through the show! Another episode down, and lots of laughs and relationship issues brought up this time. Also we got to see a Wagnaria staff ranking/caste system-esque chart from Kamakura’s point of view.

Wagnaria Status Ranking.PNG
Not seen are Kamakura at the top and Shindo at the very bottom, below everyone else.

The first relationship issue was between Kamakura and Shindo. As with their antics before, Kamakura tormented Shindo about his debt. This time, and the cruelest thus far, she bought lots of losing lottery tickets and gave them to Shindo on the premise that there may actually be a winner among the losers.


This causes Shindo to search frantically for a winner. Fortunately for him he wins 300 yen ($3 USD) with the help of Saiki!

Saiki Yelped.PNG
Saiki’s bad Japanese on display.


Next on the relationship problems list Muranushi and Adachi. Muranushi makes chocolate for Adachi, but he is so scared of her that he passes out. She also does her patented Muranushi smile again this episode, so prepare yourself.

Last but not least on relationship issues are our MC Higashida and his potential love interest Miyakoshi. She makes him more Valentine’s day chocolate, much to his dismay, and makes him eat it. Unfortunately for him he passes out again, and has his third encounter with Saint Valentine.

If this season has 12 episodes, we are at the halfway point, so that is exciting! If it has 13 then we will be past halfway next week, so either way very close. Stay tuned next week, for what looks to be more saucy romance drama and fun workplace comedy!

B Gata H Kei Review

Plot: Yamada, finally now a “mature” freshman in high school, sets out to start the year right: by sleeping with 100 guys! However, Yamada isn’t as experienced as she makes herself out to be, and has trouble even seducing her potential love interest and “cherry boy” Takashi Kosuda.

Also called Yamada’s First Time as its English release name, this anime is not as raunchy as the plot makes it seem. It is actually a pretty lighthearted rom-com, which is the perfect show for me. I decided to review it because it seems like a show that is often overlooked, and not well known. Especially now with it already being six years old.

I first watched this show about two and a half years ago, but I enjoyed it so much that it stuck with me, and I even re-watched it just recently. However I have only ever actually seen the dub, which was surprisingly decent. I am not a dub hater by any means, but some dubs just don’t do a show justice. With that said, I felt that Yamada’s dub voice actress did a fantastic job emulating Yamada’s spunk and hubris.

The music in B Gata H Kei is also perfect for the show. If you read my last post titled “Top 10 Original Anime Opening Songs” you will see that #8 was the opening for B Gata H Kei, and rightfully so. The ending song is great as well, and I don’t think either should be skipped when watching this show.


To simply say this show is funny would not do it justice. B Gata H Kei finds the perfect combination of adult promiscuity and childlike innocence to create hilarious zingers left and right. I am always a fan of the reoccurring “Eros Deities” who appear, and represent each character’s libido. Yamada’s in particular is my favorite, with her cute little mustache, and her desire to get Yamada laid.


I will say that this show, the dub in particular, does cross some potential NSFW boundaries here and there with its dialogue, so do be careful if these kinds of jokes bother you. Frequent “emo” references, and blatant lewd remarks from the males (and Yamada) in the show may make some people uncomfortable, so again, do be careful. There is also a lot of fan service-y type situations, however I will say I didn’t find it to be too much, though maybe a little unnecessary at times.

This subtle joke is one I missed the first time around.

To conclude, I would give this show a solid 8/10. I think it deserves a lot more recognition than it gets nowadays, and is certainly one I will be re-watching again in the future. You can watch Yamada’s First Time on Funimation’s website.

*Warning: Spoilers Ahead*

One of my favorite parts of B Gata H Kei is watching Yamada’s character develop throughout the show. She starts with the “simple” goal to sleep with as many men as possible, but then accidentally falls in love with the most plain Jane Kosuda. Her coming to terms with her feelings, and actually starting something that can be called a relationship with Kosuda is plot development and progression you don’t usually see from a short, 12 episode anime.

The anime does end in a “read the manga” fashion, so it can be frustrating for those who want a decisive ending. Though I will say the show at least manages to make leaps and bounds in progress from start to finish, compared to most other 12 episode anime that don’t finish any further than from where they started. I have also heard the manga is even more risque than the anime, so if that is something you enjoyed then be sure to check it out.