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Aho Girl Episode 6 Review

This episode is the second half to the Summer vacation arc and probably my favorite episode we’ve had so far. Up until this point I didn’t really like Aho Girl, but this episode might have changed things. We’ll see!

This episode opens with the idiot squad at the beach. Yoshiko is, of course, causing trouble. In particular, she buries the Public Morals Chairwoman and then decides to give her sand body a bonus body part.

All this while A-kun is relaxing and just trying to catch some rays. Though while watching I felt that he looked kinda familiar to one of my favorite childhood characters. Do you agree?

a-kun chillen at the beach aho girl.JPG

Tom at the Beach Tom and Jerry

This episode was full of quotable moments/perfect screencaps. One in particular was Ryuichi trying to stop Yoshiko’s mother from ruining their trip.

you little whippersnapper aho girl.JPG
This has the same motion blur-like effects people have been putting on memes recently. I kinda dig it.

Though the winner of the best quote goes to this next one. I feel like it is even better without context. So you’ll just have to watch the episode to truly enjoy the quote.

aho girl no context.JPG
What could she possibly be talking about?

Though my favorite scene of the episode was when A-kun has to dog sit for Yoshiko. While initially upset with the turn of events, it turns out that the dog actually understands A-kun! Not only that, but they have the same taste in movies! It seems A-kun has finally found the one person who can understand him. Though not quite the person he probably had in mind…

the only thing that can understand A kun aho girl.JPG
I ship it. I think.

This episode had some much better jokes and comedy than the previous episodes, I thought. Which really shouldn’t have taken six episodes for a comedy to actually make me laugh, but maybe I’m just picky.

Aho Girl has been slightly redeemed, now it is up to the latter half of the season to finish strong. If it can, then I think this will definitely be a show to watch for comedy lovers.


Aho Girl Episode 5 Review

Summer vacation is here in Aho Girl, and it happens to coincide with Japanese school’s Summer vacations as well. But what will our weird delinquents do for their break?

I’ve honestly been pretty bored with Aho Girl up to this point, so luckily this episode was a decent change of pace.

yoshiko good morning kiss aho girl.JPG
A good morning kiss is probably not how A-kun wants to spend his first day of vacation.

Yoshiko, A-kun and his sister go to the movies for their first day the break away from their studies (though I suppose for Yoshiko, everyday is a break from studying). But, not surprisingly, Yoshiko is a movie talker! The worst kind of person!

yoshiko duct taped at the movies aho girl.JPG
Duct tape should be the punishment for those who talk during movies.

What is a slice of life anime without a beach trip? And what is a beach trip with out obligatory swimsuit shopping?

bathing suit shopping aho girl.JPG

Recently the more characters that are in a scene, the better. I have a hard time enjoying the exchanges between characters when it’s just two of them together, but when the whole aho squad is together, it is actually enjoyable to watch.

Ryuuichi groping yoshikos mother aho girl
Counter attack by Yoshiko’s mother during the battle for A-kun!

I was slowly losing interest in Aho Girl up to this point, but I think they’ve saved it a bit with this episode. It seems like the Summer vacation arc is going to be a two-parter as well, so hopefully next week is just like this episode was. If the beach trip half is even better, it may just save this show for me.